Perky bi polar

Researching PD last week I stumbled upon a interesting investigation into Bi Polar Disorder, the symptoms and the way PD can change me in mins from a kind
loving parent and Grandparent with endless patience kind considerate Generous,
"2Form a line please" to the Hideous Creature from the Aliens series of films.
The Transformation is massive I hate myself have no time for others let alone myself if the wrong set of circumstances were to occur when in this frame of mind
I dread to think what might happen I have already given my Brother a very substantial BO....1???ing for being mean,amd turned on one of my old workmates who was paymaster for our lotto, but was in fact pocketing the contributions, he would still be at it if I had not checked we had 5 numbers which would have given
up Β£1500 each, well I lost it with him, ironicly in my Solicitors, what made it worse was that he had to leave the company as no one would work with him and
three weeks later he won Β£2.755000 on the lotto, so you see there is a god.
Sorry! I am growing weary well it is 2.14am so I wish all Parky victims
A Peacefull Restfull Gentle Nights slumber,UNLIKELY I Know but all the same
Best Wishes to All fedexlike