Persistent cough

Does anyone else have a persistent cough. I have had one for over 12 months and having been recently diagnosed with PD am wondering if the cough could be caused by PD?

I get a dry throat which I think is caused by the PD and this leads to a sort of mild cough as I clear my throat. But not like a proper cough.

An obvious thing to say, have you been to your GP? I’m not a fan of antibiotics, but after a year would certainly consider them if that would help.

Yes. I went to the doctor several times before my diagnosis and once since. Had an x ray about 8 months ago but I still worry ut coukd be cancer! The last doctor gave me a nasal spray which had no effect.

Its probably Vit D3 deficiency.
My persitent tickly cough cleared up after a few weeks on 2000IU per day. D3-deficiency suspected in PD too.
D3 supplements kill respiratory virus infections includung flu

Best D3 dose here:


Thanks Peter. I was told by the dictor that I had Vit D deficiency and have been taking supplements for a few weeks. Maybe I will see an improvement soon.

Hi Richie45, I am now in the process of waiting to see my GP yet again in the hope that I can hopefully get an answer as to why I have had my cough for TWO AND HALF YEARS!! Last time I visited him he asked “what can I do for you” I replied that I had come about my cough again, he replied “what do you want me to do” I said I needed to try and get some relief from it, he said he couldn’t do anything more for me, then I said, is that it then am I stuck with it?? He said “Yes”

Prior to this he had sent me for an xray and a camera up my nose, this drew a blank, then he put me on some gastric reflux tablets but to no avail. I kept telling him the coughing symptoms are in my throat, not in my chest, not up my nose and not in my stomach! Now I will go down the Vitamin D3 theory (I take a VitD3 supplement now, this being 1 tablet per day of 10ug or 10pg but whether this is not enough I don’t know) have been taking these for approx. a year, but have not helped. Now I am clutching at straws!!

Fed-up Sheila

@ Richie, Sheila
10ug (microgram) is only 400 IU. Its the standard NHS adult dose BUT is miserably low by USA standards. Watch the video by a top USA expert to see that even 10,000 IU pd is safe. Even PHE regards 4000IU per day as safe. Your choice…but I would trust Schwalfenberg’s expert opinion and evidence from his patients.

Thanks Peter, I have just looked at the ug on my Vit D3 and realise what the dosage means now, the dosage says to take one or two tablets, so I think I’ll take two a day now, anything is worth a try to get shot of this damn cough


Thanks Peter. I am taking 20ug a day but have just ordered a 2000IU dosage so will let you know how it goes.

Sheila. Make sure it is D3 not D2. Recent research shows D2 interferes with D3 signalling.

800 is better, but still well below the dose needed to get the correct physiological level in the blood. The video was made by a lead reseacher on the USA panel that showed the USA medics that their approcah to deciding on the correct serum level was wrong. The UK still follws the wrong procedure. Essentially the ( small ) UK committee decides as if D3 is a drug and hence how litttle D3 is needed to fight rickets and a couple of other diseases. The USA now decide on the best level, the physiological level, for health. Since we evolved to have that level that’s the best natural level. That’s why I ignore UK advice on D3.

Hi @Richie45,

Unfortunately, coughing along with eating and swallowing are common problems for people with Parkinson’s. We have a lot of information about this on the Parkinson’s UK website here.

Although you’ve already spoken to your GP, you may want to contact our helpline service so one of our advisers can put you in touch with a Parkinson’s nurse. He/she will be able to give you personalised advice regarding your persistent cough. Please give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Many thanks,

Thank you for the advice Reah. My cough is not really affected too much by eating at the moment but if/when it gets worse I will get in touch with the Parkinsons nurse.

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