Persistent cough

has any one with pd have a chronic persistent dry cough ? i've had it for 5 months and despite treatment for acid reflux,de-congestant,etc i just can't get rid of it.i've heard that it could be linked to pd,but i have not seen a posting on this sympton.if you have a similar problem,how are you dealing with it ?
Hello Myway, I think that you may find some info if you search under"clearing throat", although I am unsure if this is the same as your persistent cough.If it is then, yes it is a recognised PD symptom. To do with weakened laryngeal and other muscles. Speech therapy can help (referral via OT,adult services or GP) via exercises. Dark grape juice & pineapple juice have also been recommended - I have no idea why
hello a... that sounds interesting,i will watch it for a while and will certainly try the black grape juice...fermented of course.i did hear that chocolate helps too,so here goes,thanks for your reply:grin::grin:
hi i have a similar problem of excess saliva, forever clearing my throat and nose, gets a habit after a while ending up with a dry throat problem. we have checked with the doctor he seems to think the excess saliva is a side effect of the sinemet medication and ofcourse when im "off" my meds its harder to clear because of lack of muscle strength in the throat
Hugh aka Welshbearuk
Hi myway

My o/h has a persistent cough and the thickness in his throat.

His throat gets a little sore at times too, plus he mentions now and then that his chest feels tight.

Probably for all the reasons Ab desribes.
hello myway...I'm here in the US, so my time is mostly off from the time others post...but, I had the persistant cough too. About 3 yrs ago, I had it for 6 weeks. It was constant. Could not get rid of it. Finally went to the doctor, and after he examined me, he told me that it was most likely asthma. I had not realized that asthma would do that. It does if its severe. I have an inhaler, which when used 2x a day, got rid of the cough within several days. Then I used it for months after, and then only when I had a bit of trouble with breathing. You might want to look into the possibility that you've developed asthma for some reason. My cough was extremely annoying to myself, and everyone around me, so I was very happy to get rid of it! Hope this works for you ...:smile:
I have had a dry cough on a off for months - its not that bad, just annoying. It tends to be worse this time of the year when we have our woodburner alight and there is associated ash dust. The cold weather recently has aggravated it as well. I will certainly try the chocolate :grin:.
Have a nice day everyone
hi Janeys,

it does sound like you have asthma,too. that is what happens to me if it gets cold, and we put the heat on...any woodburning makes it hard to breathe, and my coughing will start up again. so,you might want to get checked by your gp, as if it is asthma it will continue to get worse with time.

good luck....:smile:
the symptons of this most annoying cough are worse in the evening after dinner.i feel the dry itchy feeling at the bottom of my throat,and i just cant have a satisfactory cough to clear it.i do notice that since i have curtailed the use of nasal spray for blocked nose,that the cough is becoming less frequent,but i can't sleep with one of my nostrils blocked...catch 22 really.

since about august of this year i started taking 100/25 mgs madopa,and 24mgs requip xl which have revolutionised my ongoing parkinson's,in that i have become almost 'normal',so maybe this cough is a side affect of this medication,who knows but like they say, there are no free lunches,and at least i now have a quality of life which i regard as miraculous compared to what i've put up for the last 6 years...:grin:
Hello Noname,

Yes, I am aware that I have a tendency to asthma. In my pre PD days I did triathlon and in certain wether conditions I had to use a 'puffer' when I was running. I also wheeze when I am in close proximity to cats. Its not that bad and I am reluctant to take any more medication. The woodburner is soooooo nice this weather though!!:grin::grin::grin:
Hi, to add to the debate, I have PD, and asthma, the asthma is not much of a problem but I do tend toward a dry cough which was persistent, it's not a 'throat clearing' problem so is asthma related not PD. I saw my GP nurse (for a prpoer asthma review) who gave me a stronger inhaler but I was reluctant to use more drugs and so was grateful to my pharmacist who explained that i was breathing in too hard when using my current inhaler, all I needed to do was breath normally, not deeply, to get the stuff into my lungs, but, he explained it's different for each inhaler. i followed his instructions and the cough i had had for months went away in a couple of weeks. So it's worth getting very specific advice on this stuff and it was nice to know my cough is a manageable curable asthma thing rather than a PD symptom emerging.
hello again JaneyS,

My asthma has only been with me for about 3 yrs.,but recently I developed sleep apnea, because my breathing is so bad. It wakes me, as I stop breathing completely 12x an hour, according to the tests. I was not aware that my asthma could get this bad. So, keep a watch for worse symptoms. I will pick up my cpap breathng machine this week. It should help a lot.:smile:
Have had a dry, persistant cough for years. Had chest Xray and Barium Swallow test which showed nothing abnormal. Have been taking Accupril for high blood pressure and GP diagnosed it as an "Accupril Cough" which is a side effect. Unsuccessfully tried to change BP drug regime so weighed up the pros and cons and went back to accupril just as those of us with PD do with our meds.Everyone accepts my cough as part of me!:grin:

It seems that for every swing there is a roundabout. Sigh!:cry:
Are you taking medication for blood pressure? There is a medication which at least 2 people I know have been taking for blood perssure that caused a persistent cough. In both cases , once thety were given a (more expensive ) blood pressure tablet the cough went. In both cases the GP was aware of the side effect, but did not mention it! Check the leaflet which comes with the meds.
My husband was having trouble with his throat cough/swallow etc but it has improved he started including singing at the same time as he does his exercises in the morning .. I agree about the BP medication I had to change mine .
hi there ..

my mum was diagnosed with PD some 18 mths ago..and one of the big problems just before she was diagnosed

was this persistent dry cough that she had for about 4 mths or so..

the doctors tried everything and nothing seemed to help ...

until it gradually thinking back on it perhaps with the commencement of treatment.

but i remember it was a very big issue...and we were baffled cos the chest xray was essentially normal

all swabs were negative.!!

thank you for that..cos till today i didnt link it to PD...thank s
A lot of PD drugs list a dry mouth as a common side effect.

Most nights my nose gets blocked and I end up breathing through my mouth, which causes me quite a lot of discomfort. I end up waking up for a drink, then heads down and try again. Then of course I'll need the loo...!
Have you tried gargling a solution of a litle Bi Carbonate soda in warm water. It is good to clear the throat of mucus and cleanses the palate at the same time .

I also make a a nasal wash /spray once again diluted Bi Carb /salt and sugar . Our Gp reccommended it for me so thought I would give it a try for my husband . IT does help him . Anything worth a try . Within reason that is LOL

Hello myway, I have been dealing with a dry persistent cough I’m going for close to two years. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in January 2013 I am currently stage 3.
My regular doctor has Had me do tons of testing to no avail have tried acid reflux meds nothing seems to help this forum which I just joined is the first time I’ve been able to piece together the dry cough and Parkinsons I’m not happy I have it but I am so relieved I can finally understand what is going on I will definitely be in touch with my neurologist to discuss if there’s any options.
And hello from hoodsport Washington USA :blush: