Person with Parkinson's requested to feature in Nature Journal animation about Parkinson’s research

Hi everyone, :wave:

Geoff Marsh, a multimedia producer and is producing an animation for Nature Journal about their current understanding of Parkinson’s for the Nature Video Channel.

It will be very similar in style to this film about Alzheimer’s Disease.

As such, they require a person with Parkinson’s to feature in a non-speaking role for the first 10 seconds of the film.

There is no gender or age preference, but the person would ideally exhibit hand tremors and a slowness of movement in order to best match the films narration. They will be careful to also emphasise non-motor symptoms, but these will be represented with animated labels.

Geoff will be carrying out the filming himself. It should take no longer than an hour. Geoff is also willing to visit the person’s home if it would be easiest. His kit would be just a single light, my camera and a tripod.

This film is aimed at educating the wider public about important avenues of research into Parkinson’s Disease. The film is likely to accrue over a hundred thousand views on the Nature Video Channel, and Parkinson’s UK will be properly credited at the end of the film, so hopefully this film will increase the visibility of this important charity.

The film will also be created by very talented scientific 3D animators, so the participant will hopefully be part of something very beautiful.

Due to time constraints, participants in or close to London would be preferable.

If you’d like to be apart of this project, please respond to this thread expressing your interest.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@Reah, I may be interested if you don’t have any takers! :slight_smile:

Hi @DT,

Great! :grinning:

Thanks for expressing interest in this, without being too specific, do you live in London? Please let me know.

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Hi @Reah
No, I’m in Dorset!

Hi Rheah, I could do this. I have the full range of symptoms and live a short train ride away in Norwich. Martin

Hi @DT and @Bartobob,

I will pass both your names onto Geoff and will keep you informed on his response.

Best wishes,

I live in Peterborough if that’s any use