Personal alarm for when you get stuck in one position

My husband gets stuck in one position around the house and I don't always know when he needs help. Someone suggested I use a door bell, hanging round his neck. Any ideas?

Poor bloke....he ain't a cow or a door to door salesman! eek

Get him a stroller. idea

Poker cool

Hi all.  As long as I  haven't hurt myself, I prefer not to shout out for help but if I stay where I fell and after a long time, I can eventually get up.  Of course if I am hurt, I ┼Áill call for my husband, whom I am very lucky to have but if he is not around I have a alarm button to press and someone will answer my call.

The problem lies if given something to raise attention, I'll leave it where I put it down and forget about it.

I'm not trying to be suffecious but I'm just trying not to be a burden.





i looked into a pendant alarm for my grandfather, but with a putting a fone line in, monthly line rental, pendent service ect it would add upto too quite costly.

So i bought him a doro easy fone, on the back is a button, he can simply press, it will dial up to 5 programable numbers in sequence until some one answers, perfect, simple, for him a non techno inclined person of 96 yrs old, nothing to press other than one button.

cost was 20 quid for the fone, i put 10 quid credit on it, and i have a vodafone friend n family package that costs me 5 quid a month, it allows 4 of us to fone each other for uptoo a hour at a time at no extra cot any time we like for as long as we like so long as we dont go over an hour, just put it down n re dial if so.

I have a perfect restart device..... She is called Bria and is a Golden retriever... Hold her collar, and tell her to move, works every time 

Onyone know, it is the safesound alarm? And which better to take?