Personal alarms

Has anyone used a personal alarm such as CPR global
It is a watch which alerts allocated phone numbers to falls etc

H KK1, after my husband suffered a couple of falls, each one resulting in paramedics being called as I just couldn’t get him up, we’ve now had a lifeline put in as suggested by the hospital rapid response team who supported us for a while after he was discharged. It is a watch which he keeps on while I’m out of the house or in the garden etc. If he falls he presses it and the monitoring centre speaks to him and checks if he’s OK, then if he needs help it sends calls to a list I gave them with mine as first on the list. My friend’s husband has an Apple watch which alerts her if he doesn’t get up within 10 minutes after a fall. They give you some peace of mind as realistically you just can’t be with them 24 hours a day. Hope this helps.

Thank you I think it’s the way to go as it will give me some peace of mind.
Such a worry isn’t it?

Best wishes

Hi Kay, yes, it’s worth it to save worrying if you have to go out. I got ours after I’d gone out one time. He said he’d slipped off the sofa soon after I’d gone and just couldn’t get up by himself so had to wait for me but I was out a couple of hours. Luckily he wasn’t hurt but it wasn’t nice coming in to see him on the floor. Both very shaken by it. Hope you get something sorted as it’ll give you both some peace of mind. Take care. Jean