Personal voice amplifier - Who does it work for?

Hi there,

My first post, so hoping this is in the right place. My dad has PD and one of the biggest challenges is that his speech has become unintelligible. I'm looking for anything that might help with others understanding him.

Not sure this product is the right one, as it seems to only amplify speech. Volume is not his problem.

Any advice of this product or anything else you might be aware of will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t bother looking for a device to help. Ask your doctor for a referral to a speech therapist who is familiar with Parkinson’s disease. This can be a bit of a postcode lottery, because they are few and far between, but that is the only thing that will help with the unintelligible speech, which is just as frustrating for the sufferer as the family. 

Best of luck.


Thanks Mike

In my experience, speech therapists come once and leave you with a load of exercise to do. Unless you have the will to do them or someone  sits with you every day to go through them................................................As apathy is part of Parkinson's the latter is the norm.

I think your experience is part of the postcode lottery, Benjamina. My wife saw hers regularly following her brain haemorrhage, so I suspect it depends where you live. 

Sorry, Benji, I hadn’t noticed auto correct had corrupted your name!