Personalised Medicine's

The case for personalised medicine's, based on your unique DNA looks like it will provide a step change in most medical areas, but perhaps, due to its almost limitless different effects on each of us, none more so than with Parkinson's.

Certainly an area I intend to research much more, but throwing this out as a "starter for 10" in case there are any experts on here.


I'm no expert, but personalised medicine, I believe, is going to be big. 

It fits in with our selfish culture. What I really want to know is what will help me. The effectiveness of a drug on other people is of less interest to me: its interest is primarily as data to calculate the chances it will work for me.

I think we should segment by envirotype (if there's such a word!) in addition to genotype. It surprises me that so little attention is paid to what caused each case of PD, and to design therapies which are appropriate for this. For instance, is there any evidence that moving house affects the rate of progression of PD?