Personalising Treatment For Parkinsons

I recently made a formative and interesting research visit to the UCL Institute of Neurology in London.Dr. Ashwani described the present day list of treatments available to help Parkinsons sufferers. He also discussed the known defects in the brain that are present in Parkinson.
He talked about how nerve cells communicate with each other through electrical signals to maintain commands.This procedure breaks down in Parkinsons. Treatments have been tried with some success.these treatments may help some more than others.
Various drug treatments surgical operations have been tried
The trouble is we still don't quite understand why this breakdown happens in the first place.
As Parkinsons is a complicated complaint that not only affects the motor nerves.It also affects the other parts of the body such as bowel and bladder control.
If a new way of measuring the electrical activity in the part of the brain that has been affective than better treatments can be employed.
on conclusion I must say that Dr. Ashwani explained the progress made so far in a very understandable way
I feel quite envious of being able to attend these talks. Seemingly the DBS eqiupment is being used to locate the deep brain activity and associate it with the electrical sensors outside the skull that can read the cortex. I assume they can then infer from other people's cortex activity what is going on deep inside. Clever idea if it works.