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        i have just had another important post lost to you all it was important very vry important so important it was a life or not life situation, I dont like dramatics, but my paranoid behaviour has placed thoughts in my  head that some???person is tampering with any post which may  be risque at times, am I aliability I  know my wife thinks i am, i will post on facebbook so if ay one nneeds to contact me,look there  look for jennifer backxs dad


Hi Fed

 I'm thinking its time you really need to talk to someone properly qualified to help you if you haven't already,

I for one am deeply worried about you and I'm sure your family must feel the same , you have said in the past you have a great support team so maybe it's time to involve them to help .

Paranoia is a dangerous thing as it drives wedges between us and the people who care about us, you are not the only one who has problems posting on the forum as GG has stopped editing her posts as she finds that makes them vanish !    

 There's so much more I'd like to say but don't have the words to say it so all I can do is hope things improve soon . 

Live well my friend   Cc



CCs right get some help

Dyskinesia  = overload of dopamine

Paranoia = overload off dopamine

The latter we are not as comfortable reporting; we fear the stigma etc.

You've done well by identifying the problem

Are you stuck in a vicious circle

Could PUK contact your daughter on FB as a solution?





               You  are a kind person CC, im seeing my psychiatrist on Friday but I dont  expect miracles, I often sit in my very comfortable, fully adjuusttablle chair and look arround,,,,,"and I dont recognise my surroundings, I woke up this morning chillled to the bone, the reason,, I was sitting outside on the patio wearing my  PJ SHORTS AND MY FAVOURITE TOP, it has OMAHA ON THE FRONT and D DAY on the back,now it was the cold that caused me to wake so I had awakened, changed into my OMAHA TOP WENT DOWNstairs opened the double doors and sat down on one of the chairs all of those things I have no recollection Cc, so you see why I am asking for help, I want anyone who has either experienced this strange behavior or has someone close who is behaving this way to bring me up to speed, I am very veryy woorried my  friend.

                                                KIND REGARDS  FEDEX,  BY the way the spooky pic is of myself withh some specs wot eye IN vented they aloow me to look insiide myy head, nnoot muuchh to  seesad face



  Thankyou for contacting me Leyther, I have started the ball with a visit to the mind man friday but each day some other part fails, fear and treepiidatiion omminattee now

                                                    KIND REGARDS  FEDEXLLIIKEconfused


Hi Fed 

Sounds to me like your sleep walking mate , I've done that from time to time myself ,

went through a faze a few years ago when I was under a vast amount of stress I would wake up I all sorts of places with no idea how I'd got there!

Was once found sat on the side of the road in my t shirt and underpants 1/4 mile from my home !

Ended up going to a sleep therapist who basically said  to change my job / lifestyle  in the end my oh tide a ribbon to my ankle and the bed so it woke me up if I went to the bedroom door. A pain when I needed the loo but it helped me .

Are you still having night terrors ?  If not what meds stopped them ? Are they the cause of your nocturnal wandering ? 

Most people think sleep walking is a kids thing and they grow out of it in time but many adults do it and don't say anything as to embbarast to admit it.

Like the pic by the way really cool dude LOL.   

Well take care live well.    Cc


Just a note on my post ......I always sleep in my birthday suit so must have put my underware on while sleeping,,,,,,,,!