Personality change


        No joking no sillyness, I am being serious here, I went up in the loft and retrieved my sensible head from its  box,,,bu???r that didnt last long, appologies.  I will try again , the reason I venture into this Hallowed hall of the wise and knowledgeable is this, my personality is changing, my memory is evaporating but worst of all my memory is evaporating,  these two combined results in me actually forgetting my address, or I was snoozing in my favourite chair and my little Honey Badger made her customary arrival or return from a shopping trip, (sounds like dropping a very large container ship dropped onto a field full of cats,),well the noise she made wrenched the peacefull slumber from my  mind and unfortunately it seems to have removed a large family sized chunk of mind with it,  I have noticed over the last 2 months in particular, I am becoming reclusive indifferent less kindly and many other good parts of MEE, this has happened before, but I was back to normall if you can call me normal,, my name isnt Norman All is it,,sorry confusion there for 10 seconds,.I do not want to be the person I appear to becoming, I detest myself for some of my paranoid behaviour which has upset a lot of my friends and family why  what  nope,,,,ware,,where do I turn, is this dementia, or signs of, I am desprate or if anyone reading this is called Daniel,,,,Im desperate Dan,(who uttered those immortal words) clue ?            STUFF

                                                             BFN               FED



       Sorry there are two more threats to old fed weakness depression and joint pain, every joint,,hmmm thats three, so we have  wekness depression jointpain and  oh hmmm, agonising lower back pain 123 and thats 4 yes 4 but also prostate cancer,, 5 then there is painful dry eyes and mouth 6 and 7 so 7 then, oh theres Nail Patella syndrome, 8 and bringing up the rear the last but by every way known to man most definately last TINNITUS,,, SO I am gathering my mental strength,for the aggrivation ahead , the road is long with many a,,,which song which group

                                                     BFN  FED



  Sorry am I typing too small, or perhaps I should type louder, I NEED FEEDBACK, YES MY POST WAS NOT MEANT TO BE SIILLLY, EYE NOSE that, but silly is what I do, in the past 16 years, and I give you my solemn word here absolute truth, Silly helped my father die easier, saved my marriage saved my best mate from suicide, he was involved with that shameful event, a few months ago,if I say 3 and my GOOD WIFE, you will understand, anyway he came to  me and apologised so I forgave him, he said he was consumed with guilt and had seriously considered suicide , now anyone reading this will this will probably think  AYE, GEORDIE FEDS LOST EES LAST PENKA. but being honest here as I said earlier,I knew he fancied my still very fit Lady and in conversation with my wife I asked if she would mind if  C   thats my friend took her out for a meal or the flicks as he was very low after his marriage ended, , so I was very silly thinking naievely that  my trust would not be betrayed,,WRONG, so there you have silly again, also I told a car salesman if he thought the part x he was going to give for our  2010 YARIS ,with a genuine 7852mls would be accepted  when we were looking at the new Yaris he was a very silly man, Result, £300 xtra plus £ 950 off the vehicle we wanted,  plus every xtra available now thats not silly, but I will leave it there.

 You see what I am trying to say is I dont want to change I want to stay me BLACKHEART is sqeezing the life out of me and replacing it with,, well NOT ME.

                                                       B F N            FED

Hi Fed 

 Can't say as if any answer to your problems but can sympathise as my personality has changed , I'm not tolerant of people or animals though young kids are great ,  got patients of a saint with grand kids but have none at all with adults ? 

As for memory I find it comes n goes  I have a conversation n ten minuets later I've forgot it   Next day I remember every word        Well sometimes......

I think your relationship problems are difficult you try to please every one but only end up getting hurt, and that fuels depression and makes PD symptoms worse , bit of a vicious circle really.

 Sorry I don't have any real answers for you and I hope things improve for you soon. 

  Take care n live well my friend     Cc


                Thank you CC I appreciate you concern , just to make life a little more interesting I had a very bad fall this morning, dyskie was giving me a kicking and my gyros had flipped, so any movement is dangerous. so im not moving.