Hi Everyone

My wonderful, beautiful mum had Parkinson’s Disease. She passed away 4 years ago and I am lost without her. We were incredibly close.

I currently have an infestation of carpet beetles in my home and a pest controller is coming to have a look tomorrow.

I can’t stop worrying about the chemical treatments he says he will have to do (ie pesticides/insecticides), because of their link with Parkinson’s. I have read so many studies about the risks. The type that pest controllers use are on the list of the types that are linked with the disease.

He says I have to leave the property for 4 hours and then it will be dry and safe but it is designed to work over the following 2 weeks to kill the insects, so my worry is, what will it do to my brain over those 2 weeks?!? Then he comes back and does a follow-up treatment as well!

Obviously, I fear developing Parkinson’s because of Mum.

Apologies to all sufferers here. I don’t want to upset anyone, or intrude when I don’t have Parkinson’s myself.

Hi sarah_jane,

Wow, that is a hell of a question.
I do know that certain pesticides particularly ‘paraquat dichloride’ have been known/thought to increases the chance of “getting” PD but that seems to be for people who may have the predisposition to PD.
However it is over long time exposure, years, not a few days like in your case.
Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Hi Clive

Thank you for your reply.

I read too that paraquat in particular is known to increase the risk (for people with a predisposition as you say) but that has been banned in the UK apparently. The other high risk one (Rotenone I think it is called) has been banned as well. There is a list of others as well though.

The pest controller came to inspect today and I told him my worries. He remembered a non toxic spray he used on flies at a cafe a few years back (he needed something non toxic, as customers were going to be on the premises) and said he will try and see if he can get some but will need to check it will kill carpet beetles. He said it wouldn’t work on bed bugs (ughh!) but that carpet beetles are easier to kill. I will still want to know the ingredients though!

Hi sarah_jane,

Makes sense to be absolutely safe.
I know there are a number of sprays that will work on bed bugs.
If he can’t find any I’ll gladly find the names for you.
I hope the names will be the same, as I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
They usually are, it’s only in the USA that they seem to feel they need to annoy everyone else in the world and use their own names.

Hi Clive

Thanks for your latest reply.

The pest controller said they don’t make the non-toxic spray any more. So, he has proposed using a product very similar to diatomaceous earth. He said it has 80% chance of working. He would use sticky traps as well.

If you know of anything else non toxic I would be interested to know. Thank you for offering.

The insects are carpet beetles, not bed bugs. Although, it is horrible having the beetles here, I am thankful for small mercies!

Hi sarah_jane,

So sorry for the late reply, I have been away and only arrived back yesterday.
Let me check what info I have.

The best info I can get, on anything non toxic is that you should try to vacuum the house well then spray all the areas in the house with white grape vinegar.
Specifically, not spirit vinegar, but grape.