Pet dog aggression towards owner

Good afternoon, can anyone help with our problem? My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson in 2011. Since January this year quite severe dyskinesia has started due to increased medication and our dog (a Terrier cross, adopted in 2015) has become progressively really agressive towards him in certain moments and situations (when he stands up and walks, swaying). The attacks are very scary and nothing will dissuade the dog - he has bitten him on the hand and ripped a hole in his trouser legs. We have consulted an animal behaviourist ( we are waiting for the second appointment with her). Other times the dog seems ok with him and he goes for walks with him or sits next to him on the sofa. It would seem the dog does not recognise his owner in certain moments. This has been happening more frequently recently and is very upsetting as my husband loves his little companion. Any ideas or information would be most grateful. Thanks.

Hi Liz and welcome to our forum where there is always support and encouragement.
I a sorry to hear about your dog, but you must remember it will be distressing for them as well. My spaniel runs to the other side of the room and shakes when PD causes me to be different from the norm. Once I’m sort of back in control I always let him know that I’m ok and make a big fuss of him. I do hope that the animal behaviourist can assist you both. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much for your reply. It was very much appreciated. I hope the dog behaviourist can helps us to solve this problem as we both love our little dog.

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I hope they can help you. All I can think of is the dog is frightened. There’s probably a simple solution somewhere.
I know with mine I have 6 a couple are quite old I did a little while ago teach them to recognise the word HELP. They then come and sit around me. Then I say I am ok then they move. I taught them a while ago because of my COPD and my coughing fits which sometimes knocked me off my feet.

I hope you find a solution.

Thanks for telling your experience! If anyone else can help with ideas it would be much appreciated

Any news on how you are getting on?

Hi Bub 1, We have seen dog behaviourist again she came up with idea of stair gates and gate across living room door plus training tactic giving him small piece of
cooked sausage every time husband gets up from chair in order for focus to be on treat and not on husband. It does distract him but fact is I’m not always there with my little container of sausage pieces and I very much doubt whether it will solve problem as dog physically shakes in certain moments when movement takes place. She also suggested having a dog pen in room or large crate to be used when husband wants to move and dog is reacting. A nightmare!Yet dog is very happy to sit on sofa with head on husband’s knee! Don’t know how this will progress and would never have imagined a similar situation. Dog is a terrier cross, a rescue dog and we’ll have had him 4 years on 1st November - he is now around 7. He has always been very “hyper” full of life - gets on well with other dogs and really likes people but unfortunately has bad habit of jumping up and “soft biting”. Will let you know how I get on.

I don’t think putting the dog in a pen or crate will help as the dog may see it as punishment.
I am wondering as dog was a rescue dog even though it was a while ago whether something in his past comes forward and movements that your husband makes triggers it. He is content sitting with your hubby because he is not making any moves.
Let me think on this one and I will get back to you. There is a solution out there.
What about trying him not with sausages but with a dog treat when he’s not jumping up etc.,
Maybe get him to sit with hubby and say are you being a good boy etc. Then give him a treat.
I will have a think and get back to you.