Pet names for PD

Hello fellow travellers I have been reading and exploring this wonderful site and feel it is now time to introduce myself to the other folk on the Parkinson Train.
I have carried Parkinson; the free loader for 8 years and it is something I will NEVER come to terms with. I mean how can any one get use to the weight of this nasty encumbrance when it slowly takes controls of your whole body and mind.

I have some disgusting additions to my PD for example the depression that has come with Parkinson. I often feel like I am part of a bad advertising gig. You know for only $ 4.99 your can enjoy the complete Parkinson condition. Remember folks only $4.99 its an absolute bargain but wait there is more for another $1.99 you can have Depression! Yes that’s right only another $1.99 and there is more, you don’t have to spend another cent we will throw in constipation and no taste or smell as a bonus
Don’t wait place your order NOW  

I am enjoying reading the “names” many of us have bestowed upon our unwelcome illness. I have named my parasite, Mr Parkie in fact I have noted many deviations of the name Parkinsons: i.e. Parky, Parks. Mr Parkie a name that must offend my computer as every time I type Mr Parkie in the computer it changes the name to Mr Perkie. Perkie, by name but not by nature.

I would like to compile a list of names that others call their illness. If this has already been done can someone please direct me to the list so I could add mine.
My vital statistics

May 2008 PD confirmed
Medication; Madapor, Azilect, Effexor
Still driving only just
Employment Retired Visual Arts lecturer
Live in country NSW Australia
Married three adult children
9 grand children
2 dogs and 2 cats
Struggling to make art need to take medication so see you next time

Please don’t forget to send me your pet name for PD and I will share the list


A shame we cant send it back if not completely satisfied cool

My GF refers too my 'shakey claw' as a pet name lol

 lol return cos we aren't satisfied YESS  if only! thanks for the name I will add to my list.  When I collect a few more I will post on the Forum.  Most common are the Parkinson variations!


I've only recently recieved my diagnosis, but I have a bad tremor in my left hand. The grandkids and my colleagues laugh cos I call it my flipper! lol

Since contracting Parkinsons my wife calls me SPIDERMAN.

I haven`t developed any super powers - it`s because I struggle to get out of the bath.

Hi denimarie09,

I call mine the B***H because that is exactly what it is.


bb x

Love your pet name for your hand tremor I can visualise your Flipper. I am relishing in the sharing of the creative urge that many of us have in describing our unwanted guest.!cool

Great name but no superpowers!!! that is a tad rough maybe they are still developing!!  thank you for sharing!

I agree it is B***H bb and your name fits perfectly! my name for PD has a sliding scale  if I am feeling ok its Mr Parkie  to feeling rotten and full of PD its ****^^^ ***0*** I will leave the translation to your imagination!  thank you for your  PET  name. Mr Parkie is a bossy uncaring piece of work!

keep fighting though this B****H can't win ever.


BB xxx


yes yes we will keep up the fight !  I may be wrong but I think that the personal names we give PD is one way we can fight back. It gives us the freedom of making fun, being angry it is a way of expressing our frustration in our own individual way..... until this forum I thought I was the only person that  named PD Thank you so much for your valued comments  deni xxx