Pet peeves

I may be on my own in this, but in 24 hours I have something in the order of thirty tablets to take, this I can live with, I don’t even mind my phone giving me a reminder every three hours, what gets right up my nose is the foil backed blister pack on some of the meds! I have a piggin movement disorder, could they make them harder to get out of the packing!?
Rant over, anyone else have the same problem?

Oh yes Bandit1250 you are not on your own, my hubby does mine for me for the whole week, it is so frustrating, and some times the tablets break when he tries to press them out :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

sheffy :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Yes I have the same problem, and often end up with broken tablets.

Nothing will be done about it though, because as we all know ‘big pharma’ put profit before people.

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Me too,I hate the capsules especially, and particularly the a amantadine,I can’t get them out of the damn blister pack without mangling the capsule !

Yes, it is really difficult but I’ve solved it with the help of a Yorkshire potato peeler which has a pointed end to dig into the side of the shape containing the tablet/capsule. Put tip of peeler in, wiggle around to split more of the foil and then press through. Alternatively speak to your pharmacist about supplying them read sorted for you

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I had problems popping sinemet, breaking many in half. After 6 years i suddenly discovered that popping the tabs with the foil side up did the trick!
Hope it helps - Happy new year I think!

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Strangely enough Amantadine is not the problem, I hold it clear side up and press my thumb on one end, generally works :thinking::see_no_evil:


Excellent idea ! I must try that



Hiya thanks for that bit of advice Peter, will try that see if it helps, my hubby does all my tablets for me so will let him know.

sheffy x