Thank you all for your very kind words and support once again.Managed to get through nearly one week already on my own without alcoholic partner have not heard from him will have to eventually to sort out but know he at the moment is staying with friends.Did not mention before we bought a puppy i have never had a pet before but felt the time was right probably because i have felt so lonely lately even in a relationship. Anyway he cancelled him and even took his bed and toys things that i bought how childish anyway i have bought my own puppy collecting him this afternoon he is gorgeous went to hospital yesterday 1st time without so called partner did get bit tearful as poor man sitting in front of me had pd quite bad.But doctor said it was the best thing i could have done and wishes me well.Heard that dogs love unconditionally so today i feel great not alone any more just hope i make a good mum xx
Hello Hopefull I can hear the happiness in your words. I am sure your new puppy will bring you many years of joy. What bred did you get? Is it dog or b itch? What have you named it?

Our daughter came home from mainland a couple of weeks ago with a puppy for her son, it is a Shih Tzu small and cuddley little boy he is and already you can see it is our grandson's dog, follows the little boy everywhere.

Please keep us informed about your new baby and I hope you both have many many years of happiness together.

Radz x
Hi Hopeful,
Pets are wonderful. I am sure you did the right thing and that your new baby will bring you loads of love and happy times.
Best wishes.