I have just quickly rattled off a post in reply to Ali js regarding the benefits
of the undying loyalty dogs and cats bring into our lives,my daughters little
choodle lifts me out of depression in seconds, I would like to lengthen this post but I will time out so will cut and paste, apologies Ali j this loptap
is giving me grief .

My sincere apologies for my hurried post, Regarding Pets do they make a difference, Ali j you are benefiting from the close bonds that we humans create
with other species ,they offer total trust and loyalty will never betray you or
steal from you and bring joy into your life, the wonderful sight of cat and dog
playing with mock aggression chasing and rolling about the floor ,normaly these
two are at war, isn't it a pity we cant learn from them. In my case my daughters
little CHOODLE can lift my blackest depression in seconds she has the energy of a small sun her high speed orbits of my living room are hilarious to watch and she
will avoid all obstacles, amazing. I would love a dog and would have had one by
now but my wife has a severe allergic reaction to our canine friends so I will have to accept little Betties visits hopefully more often as she works her magic
lifting me out of these horrible moods. fedexlike
My dog, Martha, makes life worth living. She is such a happy thing, just looking at her makes me smile. Cuddling her makes my heart leap. Walking her gets me out. I can't recommend a pet highly enough. Sally
We lost our little spaniel, Rosie, over a year ago now and I still miss her dreadfully.

What I don't miss however is the following:-

Getting up in the middle of the night to let her out for a wee
Scraping fur off the sofa's and carpets.
Taking her for walks in the dead of winter
Poo bags
Vet bills
10 weekly visits to be groomed

But I miss her sitting on the bottom step, waiting for me to come home.
Cuddling together on the sofa.
Playing with a crisp packet (she could turn them inside out!!)
Running around all excited when she chased the cat and rabbit in the garden.

Will I get another? I am concerned about the cost of vet bills, I was spending £250 a month on heart meds for her for years. If I have to take medical retirement will I be able to afford that? maybe not.

My husband and I both work full time so wouldn't be fair on a dog.

We have a cat who we adore but who drives me up the wall with her almost constant miaow's but she is 16 now, old for a cat. Wouldn't want another cat ruining my nice new sofas (she scratched the old ones to pieces)

I love animals but there are definite disadvantages, but I still wish I still had my little Rosie Posy.