Pharmacy has no azilect

Hi, this is the second time, albeit over 7 years, that my local chemist has been unable to dispense my monthly dose of Rasagiline. I always put my prescription in with 5 days of tablets remaining and this should be sufficient time but this month that has not worked. So as I have been unable to take today's because it was not in until 4pm today it still has not arrived they told my partner to 'try' tomorrow.  Why does this happen and who is to blame, chemist says he is unable to source it ? So in other words it's not his fault. I will e mail my PD nurse once I have finished this post to see if she is able to help with a short supply.

i know I am feeling The effects of not taking it today so goodness Knows how I will be tomorrow and wouldn't you know it's a work day

We live in Cumbria about 2-3 years ago our chemist told us that the powers above said that he had had his allocation which he was surprised at as my wife was the only person he had taking the drug.

are you going to your local chemist or high street,i think you can build a better relationship with your local & they always seem to keep my meds in stock after having talked to them & saying how important the meds are,also they tend to fight harder for your custom !