Pharmacy issues

Hi there
I feel I need to highlight the issue I am having with getting the correct medication from my pharmacy, I have 2 issues one being, I am constantly being given a different brand, despite it stating on my prescription, the brand I should be given, as I g however for the last 3 months, the pharmacist informs me that he cannot get that brand, so I either have to take the substitute or have the prescription and run around to other pharmacies, trying to get the correct brand, which brings me to my 2nd issue, the pharmacies do not seem to understand the concept of “get it on time” recently my pharmacy had somehow Lost my prescription! And made me wait another couple of days for them to order it in, luckily I had spare medication, but if I hadn’t I would have been left without any. I realise that particular situation was hopefully an isolated incident. How do we get professionals to listen to us parkies!

Has anyone else had these problems

Many pharmacies, particularly if they are members of a large chain or group are supplied by chosen pharmaceutical wholesalers. This leads to a situation where individual pharmacists have no choice in who supplies their outlet medication. Sometimes the companies who manufacture a particular medication cease production for some reason- note that the uk medication licence holder whose brand name appears on the product packet is not the Drug manufacturer who is frequently located in Europe! the actual manufacturer’s name and location are often found at the end of the patient leaflet that comes with the medication. Further information of this nature on generic copies can be found on the website eMC

I can assure you that all pharmacies understand “get it on time”.

Pharmacies do not make the medication - they buy it from a whole sale company, who buy it from the manufacturer. I remember a manufacturer I used to work for having to shut down for a couple of months after someone complained about a smell emanating from the production plant. Bad weather - snow or floods can also have an adverse effect.
Pharmaceutical manufacture is complicated, things can, and do, go wrong. To ensure patient safety any suspicion of a problem brings the whole process to a halt.

We also need to remember that meds can be expensive and very few retail pharmacies can afford to keep large quantities in stock.