Phased return to work NHS

I was diagnosed with PD in October 2012 and have been off work since.The resthas helped my symptoms. I worked 30 hours per week as a community nurse on a very stressful caseload.. I have met with Occupational health and I am due to meet the medical officer next week. The initial interview was supportive and a phased return to work was suggested. Can anyone tell me of their experience. Is my pay affected and how quickly do I have to return to my 30 hours ?
Hi Trelawney

I'm a 39 year mum diagnosed in August 2012. I returned to work in October 2012. They phased my return gradually at my own pace. Since the new year I've been doing exactly half of my 29.5 contractual hours. To fulfil my hours for payroll purposes I have to use annual leave to make up the hours. They say this will continue until they've received my latest occupational health (o.h.) report. Then my contract can be changed properly. I've wondered whether I should be using my annual leave?

Sorry about your recent diagnosis, hope you are coping ok.

hi trelawney,

iused to work as a community health care assistant, i was given ill health retirement after nearly ten years of working after being dx what are your symptoms,i can sympathise with you about the stress the job can cause although the girls i worked with were good with me well most of them i eventually had to give in as takig bloods was becoming very difficult as my hand dose nt work when the meds dont kick in as they often did,nt because of the stress, but while i was off i got full pay for the first six months then down to half after that you take as much time as you feel you need because you are no better thought of for going back to work to soon your occy health rep should make sure you are ready to go back and that they have made any adjustments that you require to stay at work,hope things are ok when you go back. sue.
Thank you for your reply.
The nearer I get to the suggested phased return in March the more anxious I get. I can't stop thinking about it so I know I'm not ready.When I worked my tremor was persistent. I had a weak left side - still have and muscle stiffness/pain.Madopar 125mg does not always mask my symptoms and gives me painful boils and dry skin. I've gone from being quite a confident person to one who worries and gets anxious quickly. I find I need a lot more reassurance. I'm lucky I work with a good team of girls but worry they'll lose patience with me putting off a return as outwardly I look well having had 3 months off work. I understand I get 6 months full pay to end of April, then with a phased return I found out I get to work 4 weeks doing whatever hours I want on unaffected pay. Thereafter I have to use annual leave which seems fair.