Phlegm at night keeping me up


Anyone else have a problem with not being able to clear throat of sticky phlegm at night?

It's keeping me up quite often, and wondered if it parkinsons related or some other problem like dairy intolerance or something

Your replies appreciated
do you breath through your mouth rather than nose? if so breathe-right nasal strip can help - or at least they help me. if i don't use them phlegm gathers in my asophegus and when i cough it up it gets irritated and gets worse.
I have suffered from mucus in the throat for several years which, after many visits to various consultants, nurses etc, I have decided is PD related. Really viscous, sticky stuff, usually clear(sorry,but the nature of the gunk is important). To manage the problem I use an asthma inhaler called Seretide, two puffs twice a day. This doesn't cure the mucus but it keeps my tubes open and helps a great deal. My advice is - go and see an asthma nurse.
Try taking some undiluted lemon juice, just a few squirts from a Jiff lemon.
Works for me :smile:
So i.m not the only one. In the last 18 months I have had Nasal surgery and all sorts of puffers it is really bad. I have now found that cetirizine Hydrochloride 10 mg taken last thing at night is the only thing that helps. I asked several doctors if Parkinson drugs could be the trouble but they all say no. funny I did not have this problem before but the tablets are a lifeline so have to put up with it. Hope this helps and don't lay flat at night.
Hello cockney girl, I use a small amount of vic rubbed on my neck, it seems to work, I used to use a large single malt which really was the supreme solution but I cant even sniff it now and it cripples my last 16 brain cells so that's a no no
:rolling_eyes:Kindest Regards fedex
Thanks Fedexlike but it is way beond Vics, this is really bad and is the middle sinuses.making me reach. but I do use a vapor bath to try to keep it under control. I tried to stop the Cetirizine but within a week I was at the doctors again with blocked sinuses. Hope everyone has a good Bank Holiday this weekend
Well well well lol and i thought i was the only one with this Phlegm at night problem, guess not huh......Mine is the same as many of yours, thick stringy sticky produce, does my head in big time, i was thinking of asking my specialist next month if and how i can get rid of this annoyance, until now i am taking nowt , but now ive seen yor differant ideas, hopefully i fill find an answer, thanks everyone, ohh and yes i was told it wasnt anything to do with my meds, crap !! sinemet causes excess saliva in the mouth and throat causing drooling at night hence the thick sticky produce left in the throat *sighs* see unless we stick together and use these superb forums we wont learn nowt, thanks for yor input guys , keep up the good work, thanks again, cheers !!

anyone know if this is lung related or is it something to do with our guts being all out of sorts?