Phone call for donations

Has anyone heard of Pathfinder in relationship to Parkinson's UK. Some call centre called me last night asking me (a single person with PD) to donate £12.50 per month via direct debit.
I was taught to never give bank details over the phone so said no. The lady was persistent and kept dropping the amount. Is there such a project or is it a scam. If its for real then there should be a safer way to proceed.

She started off by thanking me for my previous work for Parkinson's UK, but also asked if I was over 18 years old. Where did she get my number from?

She also spoke a lot of legalise about "Listen" a fundraising company that Parkinson's UK was paying to get donations which didn't seem right to me. I have enough problems without trying to pay attention to triky phone calls, so I asked her to  post me the info and she couldnt.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi LKC - Not sure if you saw the response to this we posted over on our Facebook page but I've included it here too: 
"Pathfinders is a new way to support Parkinson’s UK research through a regular monthly gift. It was just launched in October 2013.  We've received a positive response so far. But we appreciate that you may not be comfortable giving your details over the phone. We're sorry if you felt pressured by the call.  There'll be other opportunities to become a Pathfinder next year, including the ability to sign up online." 
If you have more questions about this project - or want to discuss how people contact you, you can email [email protected]  
Hope that helps.
Best, Liz