Phone calls

Due to the PD my husbands speech is a bit slurred and now today again a big company has hung up on him. I feel they should know better. I felt so cross and upset for him as he is very self concious about it anyway, so I have fired off a letter of complaint. These companies really need re-educating, if they asked the right questions, they could establish that he has a speech problem and is not drunk or anything else. Has anyone else suffered this? :disappointed:
Hi Woodentop, I have had PD for about 40 years, and I often slur my speech, sound drunk, wether I am on the phone, or just trying to hold a normal conversation with someone. Having said that, I am not sure what one can do about it, but I amsure someone on the forum will come with some help. Keep me posted, and if I can find an answer Iwill keep yo posted. Blue Angel x
Thanks for you reply Blue Angel. I am normally a placid person but when it comes to injustice, I get very cross. As far as I am concerned, there is clearly a fundamental problem with their training. They are, of course, not do know that hubby has PD but there are all sorts of disabilities out there, are they all being hung up on? Surely this must be discrimination and shouldn't be tolerated just because they are a big company. Will have to think about how I pursue it, may write to my MP and see where that gets me. It's not just for my hubby but for everyone that suffers this humiliation.
Thankyou for letting me sound off. :)
I think half the trouble is that we all get computer generated calls, people trying to lend money. Claim on accident insurance, PPI claims. or to tell us there is a problem with our PC.

I sympathise with your husbands distress but in all honesty, most of us receiving a call, where there didn't appear to be anyone there, or whose voice you couldn't understand, would put the receiver down.

If there weren't so many annoying calls then perhaps we might act differently and be more trusting and patient.

Sad but true.
I understand what you are saying but then we are not customer service staff who are supposed to be trained to deal with everyone and are paid to do so.
Hi Woodentop . I can empathise as it does happen to me quite frequently especially as my speech has become quiet and voice huskier as well as slurring sometimes . I am constantly being told on the phone they can't hear me . As a result I try to avoid using or answering it and rely on email far more now so that I don't have to suffer the embarrassment of explaining . I wonder if there is an amplification device that might help ( but appreciate this won't help with the slurring ! ) . Good luck for 2013.
Hello Woodentop. Have you considered seeing a speech therapist? They might be able to give you a few tips about how to improve your voice and make it sound crisper. I'm told that my voice has become very soft and seems to be becoming a little slurred as well. Don't know of any makes of phone that capable of amplifying outgoing speech.
Sorry. It's not you it's your husband.
Good luck anyway.

Hi Christo
Yes we have had speech and language therapist involved but she says that as the problem seems to fluctuate with my husband, it is difficult for her to put a set programme in place. I have now recieved replies from both companies very apologetic but have asked that something be put in place for the likes of us. Sky is now considering the options I have suggested and said they will get back to me.
Not long ago a friend of mine whose husband had lost his speech through illness had similar problems. Although she insisted her husband could not speak, BT constantly rang up and wanted to speak to him.
I have the bit between the teeth now, so am going to keep nagging them until they show me that they are going to try to put something in place to make things easier for all of us.
Hi wooden top
My speech is soft and slurred..I hate phone calls and I raise my voice and slow down but I'm also on the deaf side so when I order over the phone or even at a fast food outlet I receive the wrong order.if I'm talking to someone they look blank and you know they haven't heard. You.yes it's annoying along with everything else pwp have to suffer.
As for the consumer calls we get them regular.just as your settling down for the tv.just recently at 7.30pm a man on the phone said was you thinking off having double glazing.i replied no I was watching coronation street.i was even asked my account details after thirty numbers and letter he gave up.
But the big company's give you so many options why not if you have a problem talking on the phone press number four or if your hand starts shaking like mine .if you have trouble holding on to the phone press five and your call will be answered straight away.
We could do with a voice changing app on the iPhone or just pass the phone to the wife.all the best.
Those are great ideas John. If they get back to me again, I will suggest them.:smile: