Photography and drawings

couldnt puk set up a flckr group and then add a link from this site? it would take someone who knew what they were doing 20 minutes at most.
members would only be admitted using their puk names. they would ask to join on the forum and then an invition would be sent out from flickr to join a public invitation only group (anyone can see it but only invitees can post)
it could be from a sticky in creative corner. no cost other than a little admin.
another sticky could be used by people when they add a picture.
Hi Turnip,
If I’m not mistaken this issue came up a little while back.

Now that we are planning for a new forum, we can take another look at it. Still, part of our concern is that if we were to set up such a site, we would be responsible for the content there which means our involvement would have to go beyond just setting it up, especially if we were inviting people to join it and post. It would effectively become another Parkinson's UK community.

There is in fact a flickr account for those who involved in Parkinson's UK events. You can find it here:

There are also people on the forum who have posted photos to a flickr site and shared the link with friends here on the forum without it being an official Parkinson’s UK site. And there are those who have blogs or websites.

Is this something you would be interested in trying on your own?
What sorts of pictures would you want to share? Portraits or yourself or creative photography?

Theres a thread running in creative corner on photography:
Can we make that sticky?
I'm one of those that has posted links to flikr before from which you can find my real name and lots more. Mods asked if I was OK with this and I am so perhaps thats a way forward.
Use dto do lots of photography and had several pro quality slr film cameras (Olympus OM's for 35mm and Mamiya for medium format) and developed and printed my own black and white colour and transparencies.
Got back into it over the last few months as my normal hobbies involve power tools, welders and the like and they don't mix too wel with Parkinsons as the cuts and bruises prove:grin:
found going back to photography has helped and now got a digital slr and lots of bits and proceesing all done on this laptop.
Image stabilisation didnt help much with the shakes but a tripod does !!!!!