I worked as a structural engineer until 2006 when I was diagnosed with PD. I felt I could no longer continue working in a very demanding profession and retired at 54 years old. Obviously, retirement from a profession I enjoyed at this age left a large void in my life. I decided to rekindle my interest in photography, a hobby I started as a 17 year old but did not have time to dedicate to it whilst working. Over the last few years I have created hundreds of images that I hope are sufficiently different to be of interest.

Visit website (over 400 images posted here) :

Most of my photos are landscapes/seascapes/townscapes taken in northern England and Scotland.
Photography has the added bonus of getting you out and about an in my case I'm still managing to walk in the hills (you don't have to get to the top of the hills - some of my best photos were taken part way up the cheviot, lakeland and Scottish hills).
Modern cameras with their built in image stabilisation help tremendously to counteract my PD tremor and help produce sharp images and there's always the tripod if required.

I hope you find time to visit my website and get as much enjoyment viewing my images as I did creating them.
Oh,and a special thanks too my wife....sherpa/tripod carrier/refreshment provider/nimble finger assistant/route finder & loser and more

Great to see you on board! I can attest to the quality of your photos having bought a few myself and having had the hardest job ever trying to pick from so many truly stunning pictures. I hope others will take the time to check out your photographs online at the link you provided and other photographers out there, do drop Edgydonkey a post and share your own pictures too.
Brilliant photos - just wanted to pass on the following message from one of my North East colleagues who has just checked out your prints on the web: "Could you let him know that his work was admired by me, I loved all of them but particularly the Northumberland Scottish loch & seascapes & the photograph of Lindisfarne is delightful . What a talented bunch we have here in the North East."
Here are a couple of links to websites where I was lucky enough to win competitions. It is certainly a good feeling when other people like your photo's and it gives you confidence to keep on producing images.

Well done, those are fantastic! - my personal favourite is the Langdale valley, very moody and romantic. Lovely to see some more of your work and I will put your links up under my 'What are you up to?" post so that people can find them there too.
I have just been promoting the NE creative forum in our Branch Committee Meeting and particularly the great photos by edgydonkey. I hope they look at them. I've not directed them straight to the websites given in the hope they might engage in the forum themselves. I know there are some talented people among them!
That's great, thansk for that Bagpipes, the more the word gets out the stronger our forum will become. Cheers!
For anyone interested, Jim will have a few local N.E. England photos on show for sale at
The Chantry

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