i like taking pictures with me camara and putting them on me lap top files and blowing them up as well and putting them in a photo album.does anyone else get please from photography as well?it seems to relax me.:smile:
Hi Ali yes I agree with you photography is very relaxing. I ve recently got an iPad and I love taking pictures with it and being able to show people.
I am an bit of a snapper and I am a member of a site called BLIPFOTO.COM
It is a daily journal and makes me get off my backside every day as you are only allowed one phot per day my page is called an old cynic's view
try it there are other people with PD ON IT
I've been a keen photographer for 40 years, since well before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The illness has impacted quite deeply upon my hobby, both in my ability to handle a camera and in my financial capability to travel to many of the locations I used to love to visit.

On the plus side, digital technology has helped enormously. For example, I no longer have to struggle trying to load film with my stiff, unresponsive fingers and Image Stabilization helps significantly towards countering the shake induced by my trembling hands. I try to compensate for being unable to travel as much as I once did by looking for more local projects and subjects.

In fact, I've recently had the idea to use photography to depict the effects of my illness and my everyday struggle to perform simple tasks that I once took for granted. If the project works out OK I may self-publish it as a Blurb photobook. I've started a thread about it, with just a couple of pictures so far, on a photography forum I regularly frequent. If anyone is interested, here is the link: On that forum I have the username "Zuiko"