Physically demanding job


Does anyone else out there have a physically demanding job. ( farmer. Builder fireman ) I have an outdoor job long hours a lot of lifting and quite a bit of mental pressure. 

I am wondering how you cope with the workload ?  I have only been diagnosed about 5 weeks. Meds are ropinerol only 4mg. 

I am struggling to cope both physically and mentally. It's a time of year when we are at our busiest so time off is out of the question. 

Will things calm down in the future ? When my medication settles. 

Any thoughts gratefully received.  

Hi I was diagnosed February this year. I work in a warehouse driving forklift trucks and sometimes there is some physical work involving  stacking car brake discs  on to shelves . I have been here for three months and at my interview 

I told them about my PD which they were OK about as long as I had the OK to drive from the DVLA

My supervisor keeps asking me if I need help with anything, so that's good. I can certainly understand about

 your mental strain as 'a bit of a bombshell 'doesn't quite cover it!

I think by law if someone has a disease like this your employer has to make adjustments to help them manage better? Anyway there's plenty of information on this website to look at, hope you get around this 

take care 


Thanks Soleil

i have spoken to my employer and we are looking at getting an assistant to help for a few hours each day. I have always been able to work through problems like this in the past but I never thought the PD would be so debilitating. When I get a bad day it's rough sweating,nausea,fatigue.

As most people on here say stress is one of the worst things.

We bought a bungalow to modernise just before I was dx now all it is is a stress factor trying to get builders to finish it off and the budget is spiralling out of control, I am waiting to see if the critical illness policy will pay out more telephone calls,more stress. 

I,m hoping when everything balances out it will get back to something like normality. Never ever thought I would have to deal with something like this but I suppose no one on here expected to either. I just want to get sorted and get back on with my life.