Its me again up late because of stomach bug!!! Just thinking,any one having any of the above and are they working. Ive hsd a course of accupuncture by a great nhs physio, but no actual physio. Ive got in touch with an expert physio our end and she said combining both is a good idea and long term top ups ,this lady is very genuine and told a friend who she could not help straight that there was no point wasting money. Also yoga, anyone having yoga for pd and if so does it help ,cause I never stop Im allways full speed ahead and have to do everything this minute ,so do you think it would work to slow me down

Thanks Ponco
Yoga is often recommended for PD sufferers. I think its good for what ails you as the saying goes. You work at your own level and the stretching, yoga breathing etc. will help silence our chattering inner voice
Both yoga and tai chi are great for practicing balance, stillness and controlled movements. Tai chi is, I think, the easier as it doesn't require as much muscle strength or suppleness.