Physio costs


I was seeing a physio a while back but am having trouble getting a booking. I phoned an alternative physio and they have quoted a whopping £90 for an hours appt (with assessment) and future appts at £70. This seems a bit steep to me. Do others have an idea of what an hours physio should cost?

Thanks for any experiences you can share on this.



Hello Skyblue

Don't you have access to a physio on the NHS? The Parkinsons team in our Trust have an excellent Physio who runs group classes ,assesses us regularly and gives us valued information.Furthermore it is fun as well as enabling peer support.

I will say no more as the CCGsmight close us down if they think our treatment might be too effective!

I gave up trying to find a physiotherapist, or anyone to help with my various aches and pains.

Instead, I used Google and came across the subject of callisthenics and bodyweight training.  Eases things a bit, and I feel stronger.  Very little kit needed and there are lots of YouTube videos, it's just a case of finding a presenter who does not irritate you. 


Hi Suzi

Thanks for the response. I've apparently been referred but I'm not expecting to hear soon. I also work and have child care so need appts to fit around that. I suspect NHS appts will require time off work or trying to arrange child care.

Since I posted I heard from my original physio and am looking forward to some relief next week.

Sounds like you've got a good set up locally. Really sounds great. Hope it continues for you. 



Thanks Martini

I'll take a look. I still go to the gym and do yoga, but I find physio just helps when the muscles are too tense.