Physiotherapy help as not being offered by NHS


My Father has suffered with Parkinson's for many years. He struggles to walk or do eveeyday things. He was in hospital for an unrelated illness about 18 months ago & the hospital gave him physio twice a day in hospital so he could come home. Intially his quality of life improved dramatically because of the physio he could get around easier etc. He's detoriated & he has been offer physio twice a year! What's the point it doesn't help him at all? They can't afford private ongoing, does anyone know if any organisation or have any other experience that would help?

thank you 

Is  there  a NERS scheme in you area? National Exercise Referral Scheme.

We have also found physiotheray a once off and then it's up to you, but, with the apathy that comes with Parkinson's it has to be regular,every week at least. NERS and a referral to a physio got OH on a NERS scheme locally as their poor balance was in danger of them suffering falls.

Also  explore, LIFT. Limited Impact Fitness Training,. Sounds harsh but it is mainly conducted from a chair.I have organised this for our local branch, through Age UK.