I have been dx 1 year and so far have found Requip and Mirapexin to have very little effect.

I was referred by the pdn to the Physiotherapy Unit at our local HOspital. I have just returned from there feeling very optimistic. The Physiotherapist had a vast knowledge of pd and is very confident that after 6-8 weeks twice weekly treatment and doing excercises at home the stiffness down my left side should be very much improved. She was alo very helpful in showing me the correct way to turn over in bed which previously had been a literal nightmare!

I wondered if anyone else had experience of physio with good results.
Indeed I find physiotherapy has helped me no end. I have posted various bits upon this aspect here on the forum.

By far the best way to improving physical well being and mobility that I have found are described in the exercises I do, which stem from my sessions with the physiotherapist. The exercises were then developed into floor exercises that mean I can maintain and continue improved mobility on a daily basis. :grin:

Exercise info here

Only to add that the Sports injury Physiotherapists tend to be the best.

Best of luck and I hope you gain similar benefits and improvements beyond the levels I am achieving.

I have received physio from a specialist PD community team,I have a programme of exercise which they gave me which helps relieve stiffness and aching limbs and has definitely kept me going and eased my neck pain. Would definitely recommend!!
ive been havin phiseo down the hospital for about 4 years now,but ive now had the opperturnity to go to birmingham on a intensive course,10 free sessions,and im well chuffed by this,i think any exercise,or phiseo helps very much for poeple with pd,short term and long term.keygirl,i hope your phiseo your recivin at the mo gives you the joy and experence im gettin, its not just all about bein shown wot to do and doin it,its about bein told things,like u said movin over in bed ,some thing like that is took for granted normally.i wish you luck,and everyone else x:smile:
Thanks to you both for your replies - will definitely try your exercises Beauxrefects.

Finally feel I am getting somewhere:stuck_out_tongue:
Hi Keygirl,
I hope the exercises work for you, as they appear to help some folk suffering from RLS too. :grin:
Whoops, I should have worded that better :flushed: as a seperate sentence.
The course which Ali talked about is run by the Birmingham Conductive Education Institute part of the Peto institute, I heard it's ok but not been myself.