Piano playing

:laughing:Hi having lost the agility in my right hand i find it impossible to play the piano but i had a brain wave if i could find another pdp whom just might have lost agility in lefthand who played piano we could make a good duet. so if u know someone with pd who fits the bill please let them know.
Suggestion: get a full size keyboard, this will be easier to play as the touch is much lighter and you can put first one hand in the memory and then play the other hand with this first one playing back. I know someone who had a stroke and lost the use of one side, who does this.
I get much pleasure out of playing/exercising duets this way, but I can still play with both hands, however, I find I haven't got the strength (or cannot sustain it for long) to play on an ordinary piano.
I think playing the piano is an extremely useful exercise for maintaining dexterity + mentally relaxing and stimulating no matter how badly played(with a keyboard you put the headphones on and no-one hears it anyway!)
Hi Kate i have a fullsize piano digital so it records, but i am unable to play repeatd notes or play runs so i cant record unfortunately i think it is thecogwheel effect on my right side foot included but thanks for replying :smile: