Picrorhiza Kurroa


Does anyone have any experience with, or knowledge of, Picrorhiza Kurroa (also know as Kutki)?   

I’ve just started to take Picrorhiza Kurroa extracts, because (a) it’s supposed to contain some stuff called Apocynin which has been shown to be able stop NADPH oxidase from killing one’s dopamine-creating neurons (a likely cause of PD in my opinion, at least for some of us) and (b) it doesn’t seem to have any significant negative effects.  The extracts I bought (from Amazon UK) are grinded bits of root in 500 mg capsules.  I’ve started taking 2 of them at breakfast (the label on the bottle says not to exceed 2 pills per meal)… but I really have no idea of what dosage would be appropriate.

So far (after a couple of days only), I don’t feel any negative impacts and feel perhaps a little improvement – it is, however, very difficult for me to tell, as my symptoms are still very light and can vary from time to time for no apparent reason.

So, would be very interested to know if anyone else has any experience/insight on this.  Have you tried it?  did it work for you?  what doses did you use?  any other suggestions?

Warm regards,