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NTCELL for Parkinson’s disease
 The Phase I clinical trial is underway and we expect the first patient to be consented into the trial in
the next fortnight.
 Following consent, the patient will be monitored for eight weeks to establish baseline data, with the
implant expected to occur during Q3.
 If the product is shown to be effective in humans, registration in 2018/2019 via a fast-tracked
development programme should be achievable. However, the development programme is at an early
stage and this target registration date may change, depending on the results of the Phase I and
subsequent trials.
I'd just like to say well done Parkinson's uk their grant has made a difference in the news today.scientist have developed neutrons from a Parkinson's patient.were going in the right direction for a cure,it gives us all hope .thanks again parkinsonsuk
Thanks Turnip......very encouraging.
if it works with diabetes and pd these buggers will be excedingly rich and be nobel prize winners!
if nilotnib works to halt progression and ntcell replaces the missing cells then, as far as i can see, that practically means a cure. its a very very big IF, but IF they both work then,touch wood, a cure of sorts would be available to some people in about 3 to 4 years.
I find this so encouraging but at the back of my mind is a little voice warning that the big drug companies will find a way as they always have done, to spike it and protect their huge profits from the daily intake for years and years of Parkinson' s patients all over the world.
Their greed prevents them from caring about the many blighted lives. I hope to God I am wrong.



The Phase I/IIa NTCELL clinical trial in New Zealand for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease met the primary endpoint of safety and showed encouraging clinical efficacy improvements. Results from this trial will be used to design a larger registration-enabling Phase IIb trial to evaluate its potential as a disease-modifying treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease. It has the potential to be used in a number of other central nervous system indications such as Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone diseases.


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you have success with blue tinted glasses?

very interesting.

here is something else


may sort serotonin based psychosis - eg hallucinations  something i strongly expect i will require in next two years or less and i know you have trouble with now.

but nosebleeds? thats a new symptom i've never heard of