Had a couple of issues with balance and stiffness etc etc…Saw neuro physio , she gave me some exercises , no change really.
Started Pilates and benefits all round.
Noted a difference posture, breathing and helped with the lack of flexibility in my ankles and the social side.
great recommend.



Esme was this Pilates class especially for people with Parkinson’s or just a general class?

Hi Margs 1
the teacher does several levels. One of them being gentle chair Pilates . So no getting down on to the floor !!! It’s not specifically for Parkinsons, we have ladies who have had hip replacements, etc… You do have a consultation with the teacher before hand and can discuss any areas of concerns .
We do the exercises sat or stood using the chair for support., with various bits of equipment. Im sure if you find a qualified teacher she will adapted the class.

Thanks Esme for answering so quickly. Im going to find out if there are any Pilates classes in Maldon, Essex.

Hi Esme,

Unfortunately I have Parkinson’s and I broke my hip in December. I had a full hip replacement but feel i need some exercise and meet like minded people socially.

My teacher also does one to one in your home or online , worth looking out there, Im finding it really helpful