Pill Boxes for 8 doses a day


Hello all!  My father-in-law is 83 and suffering from Parkinsons, amongst other things. He has to take 8 lots of medication each day. Trying to find a pill box that can take 8 daily doses and that we can label ourselves is proving impossible. He has been given a circular thing but he is left-handed and finds it just doesn't work the right way round for him. It also means that when you turn it he can no longer figure out which dose he's had and which he hasn't.

Most large pill boxes are for up to 4 doses a day and are already pre-labelled. Most are also way too big to take out when going for lunch for example. Does anybody know of a system that is easy to label and would allow us family members to prepare a week's worth of medication? Ideally he would be able to unclip a day's worth and take them with him when out and about.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I have found one in the States but nothing that I can buy here in the UK.

Thank you all :)


Try Googling   something called, 'pillmate'. It has many compartments and a timer that you can set for many times a day,


This might be what you are looking for 



The pillmate is sold by a company called medicalarm.It's £39.95 but worth every penny.


We have battery operated one from medelert couldn't manage without it 




This has 8 sections, alarms & is easy to open (with a magnetic closure).