Pill dispenser multiple times a day

Hi all. I have a complex medicines regime, with 10 medication events per day. Does anybody have any ideas for pill dispensers that cater for this many? Most products online seem to assume a simpler amount of medication per day. Any thoughts very welcome!

This is not the first time this has come up, multiple daily tablet organisers don’t seem to be considered. I have found 2 x 8 compartment boxes one on Etsy the other on Amazon but what about a stacking tower you can label yorself or simply make a tower of ten with the 1st dose in the top box with the last in the bottom one. Just an idea.

Great ideas, thanks Tot. I’ll use that myself.

Hi Simon49, this is not exactly what you asked but can I mention a smartphone app? There are a few available - I use one called MediSafe. I have 8 meds (5 different ones) to take at 4 different times through the day. You program in your dosage and timings and you get an audible alert telling you what to take at the prescribed times. Indispensible. Of course you still need a way to keep your daily pills and potions safe and to hand. Neil

If anyone is looking for a simple, straightfoward and discreet reminder watch this is hard to beat

It is easy to set but you need to be aware it has only 2 small buttons that you may find awkward and it does recommend you practise setting the watch. Having said that the instructions are very clear and I had no trouble setting the alarms. It is rechargeable. For the price it’s worth having a go.

You’re welcome NeilT. I have been using stacking boxes for years, so convenient when out and about and it’s not a fight to open them. Shop around before you buy as they come in different sizes and colours.

Thanks all - sorry for the slow response… I guess that’s Parkinson’s for you!