Pill times

Hi.havent tried this before ,i take pills three times a day, but i am confused as to when is best time to take them. i am working.

Sorry,this might sound trivial,but doc says one thing,8 1 5 pm, nurse says 8 5 10 pm.What is the forums,thoughts,Glad of your opinions.
could you say what pills?
Hello Sky, as you don't say what pills I can only presume that your refering to your PD meds. I take stalevo which contain levodopa and entacapone and there are some issues around taking levadopa with proteins. With this in mind, I take my meds at 8am 11am 2pm 5pm 8pm and a sinemet cr at bedtime which is usually 11-12am. Taking the 8am, I then leave an hour before breckie, I lunch between 12-1pm and I have an evening meal between 6-7pm. This routine usually ensures that I don't take meds an hour before or after proteins.

Hope this helps

Sorry i am new to the forum and to typing.My pills are Mirapexin Tablets,0.35 MG AND MIRAEXIN 0.7 MG,Grateful for your help.I take them 3 times a day.