Pins & Needles


Have not been on here for awhile, but hoping someone can offer some assistance. Having just change about 3 weeks ago, now on following meds:- Amantadine 100mg once a day, Co-beneldopa 100mg 3 times a day, Mirtzazpine 30mg 1 a day at bedtime.Ropinerole 3 x 4mg per day, Solifenacin 5mg 3 times a day.

Now keep getting pins & needles, in my left hand, which is my better side. Not certain whether to get in touch with PD nurse, or not

Please comment

Thanks Jenny:fearful::confused:
Hi Jen521394,

There was a question about pins and needles in our recent Q&A session on non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's.

You can find the response of the expert here:

We are hoping to have a Q&A session looking specifically at Pain in Parkinson's in the autumn. But, that is a long way away. Hopefully the expert's answer will help you to decide whether it is time to contact your clinician.

I hope it helps!