PIP and help from Parkinsons Local Adviser

There have been several posts about the problems of claiming PIP. It has made me wonder what peoples experiences have been of being able to get support from a Parkinsons Local Adviser? I found it invaluable when applying for PIP. I was able to get help filling in the form, at home over a 2 day period. I could never have done this on my own.

There is a lot of information for members on-line, whilst this is accessible for some there are many who do not use this way of getting information. There is nothing like the opportunity of face-to-face, friendly and welcoming contact which has been my experience of the Parkinsons Local Adviser. Someone who over the years I feel very confident about approaching for help. This can be particularly useful at critical times, like first diagnosis, and problems that arise as the condition becomes more complex after the ‘honeymoon’ period.

Receiving the PIP has made a huge difference to my quality of life and I’m so grateful for the help I received from my Local Adviser and that this service is provided. I was then also able to get a blue badge because of my successful claim and hope other members are aware of the help on offer, we don’t need to go through the anxiety of whether a claim will be successful or not ‘alone’. As they say use it or lose it.

Hello Valerie, my husband as just ad his face to face assessment at home, Seemed to go as well as it could and the lady seemed to understand, but I suppose we will find out which we receive their report.

hello Dawny

fingers crossed

best wishes

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I hope all goes well with your results
I applied for PIP last year. That was before I knew I had Parkinson’s I went for assessment I didn’t have help filling in form. Now I know I can get help I will next time.
I got enhanced daily living and standard mobility for 3 years
I will have to notify them I have Parkinson’s but won’t until I have had esa medical.

Thank u bub 1 we didn’t get help either tbh I did read through everything tho and ad a lot of input off here so really hope this time is a better outcome, good luck to u too

Hopefully you will have a nice pip assesser if you have to go to one.
I had a lovely chap. Very polite. I still didn’t trust him though.
I was wrong said I should have it for at least 3 years but that may change when I notify them after my esa medical.
Good luck to you please let us know how you get on

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Same here Bub 1 hope ur well and ours was really nice and took her time but I don’t trust her either, thank u and I’ll let u know when we hear the outcome.

Hi Dawny81
If you are worrying about outcome you could give them a ring. Just ask them for a copy of assessors report I did.
You will then have it on file. Even if the decision maker hasn’t looked at it.
I have just rang about my esa assessor report they are sending me a copy decision maker looking at it will be at least 2 weeks.
Try not to worry I know it’s easier said than done

Hi Dawney81
How did you get on with the PIP?

Hi Bub 1
I was gonna let u know tonite but u bet me to it lol Hope u r well and he got it thank God and only waited just over the 4 weeks, Thanks to everyone for all their help don’t think it would have been this out come if we didn’t know how to word things so thanks again :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant news. I am so pleased

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Thank u so much :slight_smile: