PIP assessment why are suffers subjected to this


i also recieved my reassessment,i have recieved dla for 9 years at the higher rate mobility,and lower rate care,i will now get enhanced rate for daily living ,but i will not get any mobility even though i got 12 points .i hope you are going to appeal,

regards bobela52


Long time since Ive been on this forum but a miracle happened! The response to my MR letter gave me 1 more point which was useless. I wrote a letter of complaint about my assessment to ATOS, including the fact that she asked when I was diagnosed with the CONGENITAL condition listed on my form, and she recorded results of tests she didn’t do and commented on movements she told me NO TO DO. plus I added comments about the amount of cut n paste on my report. ATOS agreed there were some inconsistencies. I began an appeal. A couple of days later DWP rang saying they had looked again at my claim. I was awarded 14 points instead of 6 for daily living. The letter that followed quoted comments from the medical evidence I has sent in the first time so they obviously hadn’t bothered to read it first time round. Result: Daily living Enhanced backdated to original decision date and Carer’s Allowance reinstated and also backdated. Now my mobility has worsened and Ive just got the dressings off the face wounds from my 2nd serious fall this year. Is this a change of circumstances and would I be wise or not to risk all and report this to DWP?


Good news after a brief argument we were successful as well, however having been put through some humiliating questions that she would not like to talk to me about it still seems a cruel process. Really unnecessary

But I hope everyone will be successful and get what they do deserve…


hi im keith
had mine last wednesday
i can understand some questions BUT not all
but i still wore my big red nose and clown shoes
i also learnt a new trick
dogs do it all the time
its called


Hi @emswife,

I see your dilemma and I’m sorry to hear that you recently had a fall.

The fact you had a fall indicates that you have issues with your mobility and so it is a possibility that you may score enough points to increase your mobility award. However, with any reassessment there is always the possibility that your award can go up as well as down, even the daily living component. This could then potentially lead to a situation where you have to once again fight to get your PIP award reinstated.

The decision as to whether to go ahead will come down to the severity of your mobility issues (and falling can be a strong indicator of mobility issues), but even where you have a good case we would encourage you to prepare yourself for the very real possibility of having to appeal/complain about the decision to actually get the award you are entitled to. Ultimately, it is your decision as to whether it’s worth the hassle of being reassessed and possibly appealing yet again.

Apologies that there isn’t a straight forward answer to this, however, I hope the information above is useful in some way.

Best wishes,


I myself believe there is so much scare mongering going on. That is so you don’t appeal this is actually I believe what they want to happen.


Waited 8 weeks for a face to face meeting
Then told it takes 4 weeks to get their response.
At the time of my interview she could see how bad my balance was and how my speech has been affected . I’ve had a stutter for 8 months
My tremors were so evident
They know I can’t shower only bath
They know stairs are a problem
But there’s a chance I could get nothing or very little
If they lived just 1 week of my life they may have some understanding. You have to live our lives to really know
But the system just does not care
But I will fight a wrong decision all the way


Apparently, I could face the possibility of a fine for not informing DWP about a change of circumstances… So I’d be penalised for saving public money: how stupid is that! Stuffed if you do and stuffed if you don’t. Sounds familiar though; I was employed by DWP at the time of my diagnosis and “stuffed” is a mild, polite comment about what happened. I had to be persuaded by a number of people that it just wasn’t worth the hassle to take the DWP for Constructive Dismissal. I still have the original documents that tell the story.


That’s exactly what you have to do. Here’s hoping they make the correct decision.



Anyone got any good tips on BEGGING
As with my hand tremors I can’t juggle
It’s a minefield .


Just to add to my last is it true that once assessed people with Parkinson’s do not get reassessed?


Hi Steve I have had 3 assessments for pip in 4yrs on my most recent I was told when I asked why so many that if you get enhanced rate for both component’s you are less likely to be recalled this time I met criteria for both and my next assessment is 2028 hope this is of help to you


Hi @seve,

I hope all is well.

It is not uncommon for people with Parkinson’s to have a number of PIP assessments over the years due to how the condition progresses. If you’ve recently had an assessment that you’d like to appeal or for general information on PIP claims, we have information on our website here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/personal-independence-payment

Best wishes,


It took the DWP over a year to assess me and only after a fight which ended at a trbunal,I had limited success.My benefit was reduced by in excess of £1500 per annum from the rate I was on with DL A. There were a huge number of mistakes in the assessments, and a total lack of understanding what having now lived with Parkinson’s for 12 years plus really means. My wife and I have worked ourselves really hard our entire lives and now we are in need of support thru’ no fault of our own it is dictated by people who have little or zero knowledge of your problems health wise.
I would like to have a member of Parliament spend the day with me,and really be aware of the impact of PD. Finally are there any MP’s with PD ?


Hi @Bredbu,

I’m sorry to hear that your benefits has been reduced, this must be really difficult for you financially.

If you’ve already been to the tribunal it is difficult to take up your case as it takes a specialists to challenge the second tier tribunal. If you do want to do this you’d need to do so quickly as there is a one month deadline from the decision of the second tier tribunal. To examine the merits of your case you’d need to speak to a benefit and employment adviser, which can be accessed through our helpline. Although we cannot guarantee they will take up his case. You can call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm, or you can email hello@parkinsons.org.uk.

If you’ve lost your benefit completely then you could either challenge the decision or make a new claim. If you make a new claim I would strongly suggest you get help completing the form so you have the best possible application. If you didn’t lose the benefit completely, but feel that your condition has deteriorated since your last assessment, then you can ask to be reassessed.

In regards to your question about MP’s with Parkinson’s, we are not aware of any current MP’s with Parkinson’s, although there are a few ex-MP’s. For an MP to spend the day with you, it would need to be your local MP, as they are very particular about only working on behalf of their own constituents. You could approach your MP, they often hold surgeries, to discuss concerns like this.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Best wishes,


Thank you for both your reply and your sympathy. I really feel that people with PD do get a rough deal and I could not believe in the tactics used by the D WP to effectively cheat me out of a benefit system that I had paid into every single day till i was told of my diagnosis. I then continued to work on a part time basis and having been a saver we have managed to cope. Our PM drew attention just recently to the situation we as a group find ourselves in. Let us hope that she follows this one up.
I did also have a great deal of help from yourselves,as well as documents from my nurse,gp and consultant but I did feel that there was a far better understanding by the panel than the assessors who we encountered.
I will always recall that I described to one of them that my best time in terms of body control etc was 20 mins after tablet. I also asked for a glass of water to enable me to take one. 20 mins later on the dot I was asked to perform the physical activities Clearly ,and politely I explained that if she had any real knowledge of Parkinson’s she would be aware of the invalidility of what she was carrying out.
The amount of the payment due from PIP should at the very least match the benefit paid out by the DLA and if it was fixed for an indefinite period,one should at least have the expectation of your government acting to honour the agreement reached when you have had a flawless payment history to meet their demands… At last I am now 70 and I have deemed from here on that when any politician speaks ,it really is drivel they are speaking.


Good luck with everything hope all goes well