PIP assessment why are suffers subjected to this


PIP assessment after years on DLA PIP assessment comes along, is this designed just to humiliate?
also on PD ebsite it says for the under 65s this is not true under 65 in the year 2013 so really under 70.
Isnt it time that more should be done to protect vunerable people?


Could not agree more.
We seem to have to fight for everything…
I am at present fighting to get a shower room installed.
So tierd of it all.
Some people appear to get everything.while PD people have to fight fight fight.
Might not be appropriate word to use but that is how I feel.

Babs x x x


Hi @seve,

I hope all is well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention; I have passed your comments onto our website department for them to look into this.

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I have just received my PIP award notice. Apparently I no longer need much support so I scored 6 points for daily living, so no award and 10 points for mobility. I know its a different benefit but does a new name make me walk better? Does a new name mean I can now cook, dress myself, get in/out of the bath or shower unaided, and eat without slopping it down my front? If so that’s great. lets not waste money funding scientific research; the DWP does it all for us and has found the cure we have all been waiting for ! And I thought Parkinson’s was progressive and a fluctuation condition, Not according to my assessor report. So there you have it folks; our problems are over. Long live the DWP! Says a former employee of that department :smile:


Hi @seve,

Further to my previous comment, PIP is only eligible for new claimants of working age (16-64). However, the Government is in the process of reassessing all previous Disability Living Allowance claimants for PIP. DLA claimants will be reassessed for PIP if they were aged 16 to 64 on or after 8 April 2013.

So it’s strictly true that some historic DLA claimants could be older than this and still come up for PIP assessment, but new PIP claimants can only apply if they’re of working age.

I hope this information is useful.

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yes we have been on DLA for 12 years now and I keep hearing you dont get reassessed if you are over 65 but it is not it is 70, 65 in the yeqr 2013. besides all that having somebody assess you in one hour long visit is still ridiculous we get a couple of good hours a day the rest is awful. We all know things are not going to get better it is just a cruel exercise.


hi seve between pip and e+s allowance i just had 7th assessment in just over 5yrs.explained every time it,s degenerating illness seems dwp doesn,t understand that fully expect to lose part or all my pip lost some last time seems i,m getting better! oh how i wish it was true


This makes me so mad I expect the worse I just hope I can keep my temper. I know it is probably fruitless but have you raised thematter with your MP?


only had assessment tues takes 4 to 5 wks depending on outcome i was thinking of mp or assembly member luckily both have offices end of my road all i can say is don,t give up!!!


I’d love to raise these issues with my MP but would be wasting my time . His voting record shows that he has voted in favour of every benefit cut this Govt has debated. He also voted in favour of removing free school meals for poorer families. He also has written to a disability help group i volunteer for, which is closing next week, due to lack of funds. He said it was a smart move that we plan to share an office with another organisation. Disabled clients over 50 will be able to access some support from this office which is on the 2nd floor of a very old building; there is a steep narrow staircase and no lift, What would be the point of trying to engage with this MP?


yes I know what you mean went to the Tory party conference years ago, met many MPs all very nice but only one spoke for disability issues in parliament, our MP did not. Also attended a fringe meeting about ERA and job seekers what a bunch of awful people. Even though it was against my nature I since joined the Labour party god help us…


If you are not of working age what do you do? Also you do not have to retire now at 65 so what is working age?


didnt you know we dont even count as second class citizens
if the goverment ever made a big carpet we would all be swept under it
like they think its our fault
im 51 yrs young and worked from the age of 15 , never once claimed any benefits
now it feel like i have to go begging with a cap in hand and hope for the best
ive always surpported my family now ive had my pride taken away to
i think i might become an MP, they dont do alot either
at least id have understanding


My feelings entirely we get ours ext week and I am dreading it. Are you going for appeal and complain to your MP. More importantly what are Parkinsons UK doing to assist?


I’ve sent in my MR . I’VE had help from Parkinson’s UK helpline and my local adviser and CAB - -and a former ATOS assessor ( I know her parents) and my Social care team and I’ve sent in a supportive letter from my GP… My MP wouldnt probably care : his voting record shows he has always voted in favour of benefits cuts. He’s known locally as “anything for a free lunch”.

I have also been advised to complain to ATOS about the discrepancies on her report
I’ve called them “anomalies” in my MR letter.

I await with little confidence


hi emswife i had an mr after 1 assessment and from being given no points at assessment to getting all my benefits back keep posative good luck


Hi @seve,

If people are no-longer of working age, they can claim Attendance Allowance which is the source of financial support for older disabled people. PIP still defines working age at 16-64.

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Hi emswife I’ve been told by the cab that I should apply for pip but did not bother coz I’ve been with my wife as her carer and believe the assessment is stacked against PD after all this particular government is all about slogans. Strong and stable, Work hard and do the right thing, and on universal credit Work is the best way out of poverty. I think I’ve read a derivative of the last slogan before somewhere maybe on the gate’s of an infamous camp.Oh well it’s probably just the way my brain works.


How long did it take? I live in North Yorkshire & I guess it varies round the country. In the section about engaging face to face, I commented that I did that in my last full time job which was working for the DWP. However, the problems I had at first with Parkinsons meant that I wasn’t able to complete my probationary period within their timescale. I said so in my MR letter and also that I chose to leave the DWP rather than wait for the"less palatable option!" which was already under way!


hi from memory it took a few weeks to reevaluation and a couple of weeks to get the outcome in writing but was told imediatlly how i,d done hope it goes your way after my assessment last wk. i,m betting i,ll need a mr. myself really don,t need stress after losing both my dad and his brother in under 6 wks before xmas i guess that,s life best of luck