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I am looking for anyone with any information or advice on PIP Awards. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 and in 2013 was awarded the higher rate mobility on DLA. When the DLA was changed to PIP in August 2016 I applied for PIP but I was not awarded the enhanced rate for mobility. At this time I requested a mandatory reconsideration but the decision remained the same so my mobility car had to go. At the end of last year 2018 I received a letter stating it was time to review my award which I duly sent back my completed review form. This resulted in me having to attend a face to face assessment in April 2019 with an Independent Assessment Service. I have now received the decision from the DWP which is I have been awarded the enhanced rate for the daily living needs but only the standard rate for the mobility needs. This PIP award is given for a set time up to April 2029.
Now to get to the point - in the letter they sent to me under “My decision” they have written the following:
“The information shows your health condition or disability causes you great difficulty with Daily Living activities.
The law says we cannot award or increase the mobility part of PIP for claimants state pension age or over. Whilst I accept your mobility has worsened, I cannot look at your award as this happened after you reached State Pension age. Therefore you will still receive the standard rate of PIP to help with your mobility needs.”
Has anyone else been given this response or does anyone know or heard of this law regarding State Pensioners. So, my health condition causes me great difficulty and my mobility has worsened but because I am now 67 years old tough!!

Hi Helena,

We understand this must be a confusing time and we’re hopeful that others may share their experiences, but we just wanted to let you know in the meantime that you can reach out to our helpline for support and information - all the contact info can be found via this link.

Best Wishes,
Tom A, Moderation Team.

Hi Helena
So sorry this extra stress has been put upon you.
I’m afraid all I can add is the same as the moderator has already advised.
Also to check with the helpline the exact date that parkinsons UK were successful in the court in stopping the DWP re-assessing parkinsons patients as the condition is degenerative.
So the dates could be important and worth checking out.
Or if you have been seen by a different consultant who has changed any details of your condition.
By changes I mean adding subtle language such as (it looks like or it resembles} this is more common now since the PDUK Court case.
I have been trying to get F. O. I.
Details of this for some time to no avail as yet.
But PDUK and the CAB have much more gravitas than me.

I personally would like to be enlightened as to why everywhere else we attend on health issues that we are patients.
Except for the purposes of PIP assessment we suddenly become merely CUSTOMERS which itself seems to me to be an anomaly as customers can choose to take their business wherever they please. Very ODD!

Helena9, I had the higher rate of the mobility award then it was assessed I lost the higher rate and also the car, but the reason they gave me was " I told them I could not find my way on a journey without assistance because I have no sense of direction at all, and would panic if I was stranded" but because I have a mobile phone and use a computer they decided I WOULD be able to because I have no ‘cognitive impairment’ because of being able to use a mobile and computer (they think you are a whiz kid) if you are able to do this. But I’m not that good and don’t have a smart phone! I didn’t bother to take it any further, in fact it was over the Christmas period last year when everywhere was closed, they sent a letter stating I had to take the car back on 13th December because they said they were stopping payment on it! That was a very difficult time for me, but they (DWP) don’t bother, couldn’t care less. All the best - sheffy

Hi Sheffy
That’s an absolutely sshhhocking story but unfortunately so common.
My own wife of whom I am her sole carer was ques/interrogated about her ability to use computers and rudely reminded that a smart phone is a computer.
Fortunately I was her chaperone and gave the ss interrogator a very descriptive account of the errors of his actions towards the vulnerable (customers) we cease to be patients.
Who are either mentally or physically unable to cope in these intimidating situations.
He in the end still scored her 0.
But when you ask for a mandatory reconsideration then you get to see their reasons.
In this case he observed that my wife put her own fedora hat on.
Obviously I managed to get the decision overturned but only after six months of my poor wife going downhill rapidly and left with the belief that she was a worthless nobody.
Utterly Shameful.

Hi Tommy - I would have taken it to a tribunal but was told if I did it could go one of two ways, I would be successful or I could loose all the benefit - so it was all or nothing, I had no one to turn to for advice with it being nearly Christmas holidays - we nearly ended up without a car for the xmas holiday, if it hadn’t have been for the sympathy of the disability car people for who we thank so gratefully

The DWP are sh… and should be ashamed - sheffy x

I was in receiot of higher rate DLA when they reassessed me for PIP and I lost the higher rate. I appealed it. It took 12 months to get a tribunal hearing. The DWP said I could walk more that 20 metres so I did not qualify for higher rate. Fortunately, I was able to establish that I have severe back pain which means that although I can walk that distance and more, I cannot walk without severe pain. There is case law on this. Look at the Regulations and if you cant understand them, see a solicitor. Mine was a great help.
Alternatively, join
(https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/). This is an excellent website full of help on how to appeal DWP decisions. I think membership is £19 but worth every penny. You have to really read it carefully and be sure to follow the advice fully. Hope this helps

Hi sheffy
Did you see Theresa May cry today.
I 100% do not want to see her ill.
But her tears were not for you not for the grenfell victims nor for the food bank users.
Her tears were for herself.
I personally watch Pmq’s every Wednesday and I couldn’t possibly count the number of times when asked about the in work poor.
Her constant repeated reply was.
Work is the best way out of poverty.
Now you know your history as well as me.
Where was a similar slogan mounted above a gate albeit in a different language.

I think it is still worth a try with the c. a. b.
As it maybe that you were illegally re-assessed depending on the date PDUK were successful in their court judgment not to have pd cases re-assessed.
I myself have never been assessed due to the obtuse way the consultants put their diagnosis on their letter (it resembles parkinsons) etc.
And of course I am able to walk the length of three buses.

I only receive carers allowance for looking after my wife.
My illness is not taken into account.
I even had to pay my last dentist bill £1200 because I don’t meet the criteria.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Tommy, yes I saw Theresa May crying and agree with what you say, but to be honest I’ve lost the will to put up a fight, I feel as if I’m begging. Not only that I don’t think I could go through all the stress of everything, not at this stage. Thank you for your concern and wish you all the best in what you do, we all have our burdens to carry and agree some more than others, but we are proud and hold our heads up and carry on regardless.

Hope this finds you both as well as can be - sheffy xx

Hi Sheffy
Like you I don’t even bother to apply for pip but not for the same reason.
My reason is that I have attended several of these interrogations (let’s not beat about the Bush eh?)
as a chaperone for my wife.
On one such occasion I asked the “health care professional”
if he was a doctor, his reply “yes”
So I decided to stand up, revealing my unstoppable leg tremor and asked “do you think you could help this given the opportunity”
The answer “yes if you came into my emergency department I most certainly could”
I’m afraid the rest of my conversation would not be suitable for the forum.
Let’s just say I called him a lying phallic symbol.
So although my GP and the CAB believe I should apply I can’t deal with foolish money grabbing cretinous idiots lightly.
But neither do I see it as begging.
If a human has worked for 40/50 years paying taxes or have spent those years raising the next generation, then in this country it is a fundamental right.
And certainly should not be a target for demonisation from government secretaries who quaff on lavish lunches unlike the great unwashed have to take their own lunch to work in a tupperware dish (other food containers are available) and not have it on a credit card paid for by the population.
It is my firm belief that if was possible for a person to become so disabled that only their head could attend an assessment for their plight
The health care professional
would most likely suggest that the “customer” could still be of some benefit to society, perhaps licking envelopes for an election campaign

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

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Hello Helena9

I realise I am a bit late responding to your email but I would really advise getting in touch with your Local Parkinsons Adviser. I found our’s to be invaluable in helping me fill in the form. We were able to do this
at my home, and I was successful in getting the award. I feel it would have been very difficult to do this
on my own and it was very time consuming, as you know. Good luck

Hi sheffy

sorry this is a bit late but I would really suggest you contact your Local Parkinsons Adviser. I had help to fill in my PIP form at home. This help was invaluable, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Financially it makes a huge difference and is somethiing you are entitled to. best wishes

Hi Tommy

as I have just posted to Sheffy I do urge you to contact your Local Parkinsons Adviser about claiming the PIP award. I was given help to fill in the form at home. I couldn’t have done this on my own. It has made a huge difference to me. best wishes