PIP Change of Condition


Hi there,
I am looking for some advice if possible please?

I suffer from PD and eighteen months ago I went through a very stressful PIP assessment and was awarded high care and the low rate of mobility.  At that time i was awarded 10 points on mobility but no points for my cognitive issues, since that time though my cognitive problems have deteriorated and I feel that this could be classed as a change of condition. 

I have a asked for a covering letter from my consultant neurologist which I now have and I would like to submit this as new evidence as I believe I may now qualify for the higher rate of mobility.  The problem is I'm somewhat afraid to contact the DWP because after having read lots of horror stories I am scared I may lose what I already have and end up worse off!

Is it still the case that if I were to submit new evidence the whole assessment process starts all over again?? As I don't think I could cope with that,

Thank you and best regards.


You will get a PIP renewal form 12months before your PIP is due to be renewed. Depending on when this is you have to go through the process anyway. Phone Parkinsons uk or speak to your support worker.

        Hope this helps....Billy 

Ps I have just filled in the PIP renewal forms and sent them off !!


hi finalfurlong i would get in touch with your pdsw and they will help you fill in your forms and a big yes i would renew pip


Hi Finalfurlong,

Good question. There should be shorter reassessment forms, to save you having to provide all of the same information over again. If you're worried about whether it's the right thing to do, the best thing to do is to is to speak to your Parkinson's Local Adviser who will be able to advise. 

I should say that even in the very worst case scenario, if you did somehow lose support, 2/3 of PIP appeals are successful, and Parkinson's UK have a fantastic team of Benefits and Employment Advisers to help with appeals, so hope is never lost :)




Thanks Billy


Thank you Gus


Thank you very much for your advice Phil it is most appreciated, I will speak to my PD Local Adviser as soon as soon as possible and then make a decision.  It shouldn't be like this though should it? A progressive condition is never going to get better. 


My wife has had her PIP renewal forms, we filled them in and sent them off. She has had her letter back from the DWP and her award has thankfully  stayed the same. She does not need a face to face assessment.


Thats great news billy I've never had a face to face in the whole time I've had pd must be the paperwork send in i send loads and pictures


Yeah gus I we also sent copies of consultant and nurses letters.   



hello billywhizz - brilliant news, congratulations