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I hope you are all bearing up and staying safe during the lockdown. I was just wondering if anyone has made a PIP claim recently (during the lockdown) and how it had progressed.
Whatever - take care - stay safe.

Hi, I had my pip assessment via a telephone consultation last week and got the result in the post today. I didn’t score any points so have been told I’m unable to claim anything. Originally I had a face to face appointment scheduled but this got cancelled which is why it was a telephone assessment but how they can make a call on your mobility when they aren’t looking at you amazes me. I will be appealing but I’m not hopeful. Good luck if you have a claim in the system

Hi @Southport_Mark
Welcome back to the forum. Our helpline is always here to help you on 0808 800 0303 - they are open Monday - Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm (closed sunday and bank holidays). Or you can email us on [email protected]. It might be worth giving them a ring to discuss your reconsideration as they will put you in touch with the team who can help/advice.

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Hi Sue

Thank you, I’ll certainly give them a call

Hello Southport_Mark. Thanks. No claim in the system yet but I am considering claiming again - probably next week. Best wishes - take care - stay safe


Sue, thank you for advising me to ring the helpline. They put me in touch with my local advisor Denise and she was really helpful and thanks to her my mandatory reconciliation has been submitted. Even if the appeal is rejected the support I got from Parkinsons UK was fantastic


I am so pleased you have made contact and are now receiving help!



I applied for PIP in February 2020, and had a telephone assessment in April 2020. The assessment took over three hours and had provided them evidence of issues about my Parkinson’s (diagnosed 2015) and Mental illness. I luckily have received enhanced on both scores but what is interesting is the scoring - I give the assessor a copy of a police report that I was charged for threatening behaviour due to mental health when I got outside the house on my own - so clearly I should have scored 12, but I got zero. Cooking a meal, again evidence from carers report that not allowed to cook simple meal due to danger, but again scored as being able to cook simple meal.
When I spoke to the DWP about this was told that the assessor had only scored me on my Parkinsons needs as it was sufficient to cover for enhanced on both without taking into account the impact of mental health. I did not appeal this as I got enhanced until 2030 so not rock the boat with them.

Hi @kiltednordic

Thank you for sharing your experience, I am sure others will also share their experiences. I am pleased that you got a good outcome however they got there.


Sue - Moderation Team

Thanks to everyone for their replies. My phone consultation was on Monday and I was advised that the DWP will write to me in four weeks. I will be on the edge of my seat…

DWP texted me yesterday to advise that I should hear from them within 8 weeks - I suppose all applicants receive such a text

I received my letter today. If I can be bothered I suppose I will appeal

I applied for PIP this year due to Parkinson’s Disease and severe osteoarthritis in my left knee. I can only walk with the use of crutches and find so many everyday things difficult. The PIP assessment turned out to be nothing more than a sheet or two of nothing short of lies and fabrications. I can’t really describe it any other way. It certainly opened my eyes to how the government must view us. Really sorry for such negativity.