PiP cuts another nail in the disabled coffin


After the cuts too esa now cuts too pip, what's the plan PUK? email M.p's who ignore those emails? and vote on the party line, Only 3 tory m.ps voted not too cut esa benefits, my own m.p doesnt even see it as doing something negative against the disabled so whats the point in me emailing her on mine and your behalf?, So are All the charities going too stand up and say No or will it be another 'oh well' moment?. with millions of disabled consigned too depths of poverty, shall we volunteer for euthanasia ?? or will it be by statistic?.


Hi Sea Angler,

Like you, we're incredibly disappointed about the decisions around ESA and PIP, we've been very clear that these cuts are a big backward step, and will not help people with Parkinson's in any way. 

You can find out a bit more about our PIP campaigning work here.

We've campaigned against these cuts as hard as we can. We've used every possible opportunity open to us, including stunts, press, briefing MPs from all parties to help them understand the impact on people with Parkinson's and working with other charities to help get campaigners meeting their MPs

We're continuing to do all we can to help MPs better understand Parkinsons's and we'll keep fighting for a fair welfare system.






The same mp's who are 'patrons of parkinsons'  and other charities that represent the disabled sick and most vulnerable in this country yet still constantly vote for cuts for the very same people they 'supposedly' represent Phil?. Other charities have dropped them for obvious reasons, why not group together as 70 charities and make something of it??.

I sent 3 emails on your's, our, my behalf to my m.p i say my because that is the only choice i have, all were ignored and she still voted, not for constituents who made complaint about it on her facebook page but for a party ideal, and she supposedly supports dementia charity, she told me her own 'grandfather' had parkinsons, but that hasn't effected her vote. she doesn't see that she was 'attacking the disabled' when comment was made by a constituent that it was exactly that in what she had done.

Only 3 Tory m.p's didn't vote for the cuts if it is left too slip away as acceptable then what is next? mr cameron once said we will not tolerate persecution if this isnt what is?.