PIP Decision After Assessment


How long after the Face To Face Assessment would i likely wait for the actual Decision.  Just some estimates from those of you have been through the process would be helpful.







I had a home visit and was told they would write their report and I should call the helpline if nothing arrived after 2 weeks. I got my results after 13 days. It may have helped that my assessor was an ex PD nurse.



I have only had a assessment for e.s.a, that came back promptly within 2 weeks i was placed within the support group, I keep thinking should i apply for pip or not??, on one hand i am getting e.s.a benefit so i don't want too seem greedy with all the  demonising stigma about people getting benefits, but on the other i can feel myself being less able, i don't want too use the word disabled. because i still can do some things. but other's i cannot.

It isn't that i want more money, i don't, but i may need such things as a blue badge in the future too help me, which i don't think i can get through e.s.a benefit?.and can only get that blue badge through p.i.p??. i have read briefly some of the pip questions, some apply too me some don't.

for example.

I no longer cook for myself, i worked in catering, but i rely on my family, i cant put together a meal physically or mentally my mind wanders and i am forgetful. i struggle eating, my e.s.a assessor suggested i use a large spoon. not exactly ideal, i'd feel wary eating out  and embarrassed.

I do try getting out, but i don't walk far a few hundred yards at best to the shop and back(too far too qaulify prob), or go too town very often,  i feel uncomfortable being out even in familiar places, i used too love fishing,  i still try so i can say too myself i can do something, but i no am longer able too sit there all day  as i used too after a couple of hours i feel out of energy doing nothing so i pack up and go home, my ability too tie knots with tremor ,my skills and ability have gone.

Not sure if any of that applies too pip assessment, or if should i wait until i'm less able.


Reading what you have just said I think you should be on pip there are people out there with less medical problems than you and get pip remember to get your pd support worker to filll in forms and help you apply for pip.The longer you leave the worse your health gets the more stress your have.pip is not a work related benefit


Sorry Richard for hijacking your post wrong of me too do that.did think i should delete but forum doesnt allow.

thanks Gus.


Thanks Kendo, Sea Angler no worries, you should claim PIP from what you say you should be entitled.