Pip f2f

I decided before Christmas that due to reducing mobility I was going to apply for blue badge and pip. I was issued a blue badge under the discretionary rules. Got help filling in PIP form from PUK. DWP got the form on the 8th Jan and the same day despite asking them to consider their own guidelines they sent it out to Capita. Well HCP from Capita has just been for a f2f but only stayed 5 mins, she didn't know the guidelines so we showed her a print off and she said she was going to report back to manager and get application passed back to DWP. She said that in no way would it affect my application but can't help but panic now. Was it the right thing to do? Should i have insisted on the f2f?


Your quite within your rights to request a home visit if that is what your mean by f2f?.

5 mins isn't an assessment.

if she doesn't know what the guidelines are then should she be employed too carry out an assessment? or have the DWP failed.

You havent done anything wrong.

Yes, Capita arranged a home visit, the assessor came and said she didn't know about the DWP guidelines so let her read a copy. She then said she was happy to suggest a paper based assessment and we were to send any additional info to Capita. So she didn't carry out an assessment, just said she would talk to her manager and they may still want to do a home visit. I panicked like mad the last few days and was shaking like a leaf and all confused when she turned up so hopefully she reports that back but I doubt it. She did say that by not carrying out an assessment today would not have a negative impact on the claim.


I'm lost, Why would a company send out on behalf of the government someone to visit a client who doesn't know what the guidelines of the visit are?

Care too comment Parkinsons Uk?? Phil was asking for experiences of PIP just the other day the deadline is the 28th. isnt this just another example of.


Based on what i'm hearing from others I would advise.

Write to DWP explain what happened who they sent what they said etc

if you had someone else there with you name them.

Ask what they intend to do next

Send royal mail 1st class signed for

Thank you Leyther, after the assessor left i did send a load of ifo to capita and the dwp, the dwp hae confirmed that that the claim has been passd back to them and they got my info. I called the dwp again last week 1, to see if they got a letter from my gp i snt in and 2 to check up on progress. The woman i spoke to was really helpful and tried her best she said they had got my gp letter, and on progress said from what she could tell it was being passed back to capita for assessment due to not enough info? I asked if they had any letters etc from nurse, consultant physio etc but apparently nothing has been received and se said there was no record of any contact with them. She also said she cant see why they cant make a decision as i sent enough info regarding ghe ilness and drugs along with gp letter and statements from family to paint a picture. I am now waiting for confirmation of of anothet problem which might explain why my mobility seems to be goig so quick so need to get that into them too.

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fianaly, had a 2nd f2f the beginning of May. 

The assessor this time was totallt different, this time i had to go to an assessment centre, we tried to change to home visit but Capita refused saying that I didn't need a home visit. Once i got in the centre the assessor called ne in after about 2 minutes waiting, then the first thing she did was appologise and said she didn't understand why a home visit wasn't organised.

Then, the assessment, she went through all the usual bits and pieces and told me not to worry she would prepare a thorough and good report. when it came to physical tests she refused to let me do any of the balance tests even though i said i would try, she said she could see my balance was bad and that I was looking tired. probably helped that when I went in the room I walked into the door frame, and again on the way out.

Anyway, went to see my Neuro on thursday and he has doubled my levodopa dosage so i called the DWP friday am to ask if they could take note of the meds change and the woman on the phone said it was too late a decision was made on Wed and that a change in the meds wouldn't make any difference. 

She told me to hang on the line and she would check the award, so there i think lower if anything but no she comes back and I have got Enhanced on both sections... tells me I have a nice backdated amoount going in bank and a good amount each mnth now... she just said wait for the letter and notice to come trough, at the end she said that was why she said the meds wouldn't change the decision because it could'nt have gone better.

thats really great news, im still on dla they reckon people in my postcode will have changed over to pip by the end 2016 hmmm, as if i went for new pip now my pdsw said i would get more money as im on high mobility and middle care so i will wait to end of year and see what happens big gringreat news on your hols sytra

Gus, you recon people in your postcode will change to pip by the end of 2016. How did you find out?

i think i remember it being on pip gov site  emswwife


I've just joined the forum on here and been looking for threads regarding PIP. This is about the most recent I can find.

I had my PIP assessment last week. It was short notice and done at my home, which struck me as unusual and, looking back, I don't think that it's a good idea. PIP isn't supposed to be means tested but can anyone guarantee that the assessor may or may not be influenced by what they see on their visit? I don't live in a palace but, having worked all my life (now retired but wife is in full time employment) we have a reasonable lifestyle and, being a cynical sole, I do wonder if the assessor's report will be totally neutral!                           The questions were pretty vague and covered the same subjects and format as the form I'd completed when applying for PIP.                          

Then came the 'physical assessment'! What a joke! Even at my worst I could have completed the 'exercises' in my sleep!

Now got to wait 4-8 weeks for a decision.... Not feeling very confident....


I just had my pip assessment at home  the assessor was here nrly 2 hrs  through the form and beyond it and then some physical and mental which she could see i couldn't do whether that will come onto the report in my favour I don't know. I'll just have to wait and see if it is a true reflection or a novel.

lets hope all ok