PIP face to face assessment

I have a face to face assessment for PIP next week so I am getting super stressed. At the moment i get higher mobility and medium care DLA but everything I have heard about PIP sounds scary. My symptoms vary depending on whether I am fully dosed up or not so I can do things on minute and not all the next. How do you explain it all? Any advice would be great.

Also, things have got worse since I sent the form in in May last year so do you let them know before interview or at the time? I hate it allsad

Hi snowflake

I'm sure some forum members will be along to talk about their experiences and offer tips. Just to let you know there was a great topic on PIP on this forum recently. 

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                     hi snowflake                                              

                                        just let them know how you are on your worst day ( thats nearly all of the time )  unfortunatley its a battle between you and them. I hope it all works out for you.                                         Good Luck


Totally agree tell them your worst day

If things have got worse since you made the claim i would send all your evidence in before the home visit

i was told you could give any additional information to the person doing the assessment , it turned out to be incorrect the guy who did my assessment would not take anything from me has he said he worked from home and was not allowed to take anything from me due to data protection so i strongly advise sending it in before hand and sending it recorded delivery

Th e main things to remember are  'safely , repeatedley, to a acceptable standard and in a reasonable amount of time ' if you cant do something safely repeatedly to a acceptable standard and in a reasonable amount of time then you should be assessed as not being able to do it

eg  if you have tremors could you safely lift pans with boiling liquids in them ?

if you were to go out how far can you walk before ypu experience discomfort pain , if you did it once could you go out to the shops a second time if you needed to  , if the answer is no then you would not be able to it repeatedly


Hope this helps

Hi snowflake, I hope all goes well.  I never had a face to face assessment, just a phonecall.  I applied last June I was notified in the September that I had been awarded the higher rate of the living element but none of the mobility element.  Although I'm very grateful for anything I got, I did appeal the decision but was unsuccessful.


Hi snowflake hope all goes well for you  I have just been reassessed by the  DLA  and my middle element for caring has stayed the same but they have increased my mobility allowance from low to high.  Good luck to you  xj

The PIP bus is also coming my way it seems.  ATOS rep visiting this week as well.  I'll post how it goes on Wednesday.

hi kendo , is this your first time for pip ,or are you changing from dla to pip

Gus. First time PIP. Didn't apply for DLA as until late last year I would have said I could do almost anything when meds are working. Now, most of my day I'm off and the other quarter waiting.

hope it goes well, make sure you   have all consultants & gp letters also all meds on show ,when they ask can you walk just say when you have to your in severe pain ,need help getting dressed & help getting out of bed,also help in & out of bath or shower,some one goes shopping for you ,all so helps cooking only use microwave when have good day and i would not encourage people to do this but miss your meds that evening & morning of aasesment .let us know how it goes.

My assessor arrived at exactly the right time for my mid morning meds, so I'd gone off after my early morning meds and it took a while for the later meds to work.  

They had cared for PWPs in the past so knew all about the variability and the key point seemed to be establishing whether the majority of the time I am 'off' or 'on' and then discussing the assessment criteria in that majority state.

All very professional and considerate at the same time.  Now the wait to see what the DWP decide. Apparently I could have contact in 2-4 weeks... 


                       Just to let you all know my wife received her PIP decision today, she didn't have to wait for 26 weeks or have a face to face assessment . It was good news as she received both enhanced payments after a wait of about only 12 weeks . I would like to thank Parkinson's UK support for their assistance in filling the forms in...... if anyone out there is going to claim then get in touch with them,they really helped ,its not that you will fill them in wrong its that they probably word it better than some


good words that was the same as me no assessments when i claimed esa &support group also old dla ,its the words what make a difference when pd support worker fills them in great advice well done billywhizz 

                   Cheers Gus

                                     We were expecting a long wait until about May ,but when the post arrived we were gobsmacked yep the support workers  are brilliant......now to sort out my carers  allowance


all the best !

There's more evidence to show things are speeding up.  I sent in my PIP forms on 16 October and had a face to face assessment at home 13 days ago.  They said to chase up if nothing heard within 2 weeks.  No need, today the DWP decision came through the letterbox; Higher rate daily living element, standard mobility, all backdated to 16 October.

Many thanks to all who helped and also the assessor on the visit.

Just remembered standard PIP mobility means Car Tax is 50% and I can buy it now and get 10 months refund of the full rate I paid while waiting.