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My hatband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 3 years ago, but this has now deaerated and has had to stop work.
I am trying to completed the PIP form but do not know how to answer Q13 - Going out. I want tick the answer but not sure how to word it: Do you need help from another person, guide dog or specialist aid to get to a location that is familiar to you?

Can any one help me with this.


Hello @kimcarlisle1 and welcome to the forum community. I’m sure some of our friendly and helpful members will be along to offer support and share their experience soon.

In the meantime - there is information on our website covering Personal Independence Payment and how to apply for it. https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/personal-independence-payment may be a good place to start

If you find you are still having difficulty you could contact our free helpline, our trained advisers are able to give support and information around all aspects of life with Parkinson’s and if needed can put you in touch with your Parkinson’s Local Adviser who can provide more in depth support with the benefit application process.

Hope that helps a little in the first instance.

Take care

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Hi @kimcarlisle1
Those pip forms are notoriously difficult to complete and in my opinion that’s on purpose.
Depending on when you have to return the form could I suggest that you visit your nearest citizens advice bureau and they will arrange for an appointment with someone to help you with the application.
Other options are as the moderator has stated or age UK are very helpful too.
Best wishes
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hi Kim,

I fully sympathise wit you, the form is a nightmare.

I would strongly advise getting some help with it, the Citizens Advice an PD website offer support.

It took me ages to get my head around the form but you have to look at how your husband COULD be when he is having an ‘off’ or on a bad day.

I was dreading the assessment but TBH it was ok; the person came to my house, had a sound knowledge of PD and I felt once they had satisfied themselves that I was genuine were very helpful. I got both higher rates and had the payments backdated. This payment, along with a very hard fought for small pension leaves me with enough to get by on.

PM me if I can help


The main thing when completing the forms is to be totally honest. Would your OH be able to leave the house and go about the local area alone, find his way say to a particular shop and then return home, safely? If not then there is your answer.